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Ma in Burnt Sienna: Shishir Gupta's art for a cause exhibition in Kolkata
IBNS | 18 Sep 2017
Ma in Burnt Sienna: Shishir Gupta's art for a cause exhibition in Kolkata
Kolkata, Sep 18 (IBNS): It is the season of devotion with Durga Puja round the corner but artist Shishir Gupta, through his paintings, has aimed to visually portray how Ma Durga will perceive the world today.

Gupta's recent show, 'Ma in Burnt Sienna', an art for a cause exhibition, organised at the Weavers Studio Centre for the Arts Gallery, Kolkata,was inaugurated by actor Arjun Chakraborty. 
The chosen title for the exhibition, 'Ma in Burnt Sienna, is not because of the ensuing atmosphere of festivity that surrounds Durga Puja, said Gupta, an author turned artists. 
Rather it’s a visual metaphor,  an artist's perception of taking Ma (the Mother) out of the sanctum sanctorum of a temple and placing her in the real world amidst the good, the bad, and the ugly. 
Shishir Gupta has made oil his medium, but uses the technique called “Alla Prima” (as he has in his untitled flower series) where entire paintings may be completed in one session without waiting for the paint layers to dry up.
He is not a conventional artist, nor has he passed out from an established art school.
Yet he decided to bring to the fore the artist in himself at a time when many think of diversifying or hanging their boots. 
Having started his career as a crime reporter in Varanasi, he wore many hats before he retired from the field of film production based from Kolkata. 
Driven by a desire to help those less fortunate, Shishir Gupta took up art for a cause, hoping the proceeds will serve to brighten further the lives of the students of Parivarikee .
Parivarikee, an institution located in Lake Gardens (Kolkata), which recently completed its golden jubilee year, has been working in the field of primary education and vocational training through its school for underprivileged children. 
It thrives on funds received due to the generosity and compassion of private donors. 
The entire proceeds of the exhibition 'Ma in Burnt Sienna' will go towards further development of  Parivarikee.
Shishir Gupta’s debut solo exhibition  contained 12 titled oil paintings on the theme of Goddess Durga and an untitled flower series.