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Looking towards a future where there is a wonderful synergy of words and music, says young vocalist Samikshan
Trans World Features | @twfindia | 09 Mar 2019
Looking towards a future where there is a wonderful synergy of words and music, says young vocalist Samikshan
Samikshan, is a young talent from Bengal who is trying to make it big in the Mumbai music industry. Here is the young talent in a conversation with Subhojit Roy

Tell us something about your childhood


Grew up listening to music and when my father returned from his office we used to have regular music sessions when I used to be taught the nuances of music. I was so small that I used to climb on top of the harmonium and tried playing in my own way.


My interest made my father appoint a music teacher when I was only 4 and I started learning Rabidra sangeet at home. My destination was Shrutinandan and took my lessons or taleem for 6 straight years. This was followed by Ustand Maskur Ali Khan's intensive music training. As Ustad ji left for USA i started training under Ramanuj Dasgupta sir which has continued till date.


What made you a musician?


For me music is like gathering knowledge where language or letters are expressed musically. This attracted me towards music.


Why did you chose to be a classical musician in the age of modern electronic music ?


The structure, grammar and basics of all music is based on classical music.  To bring life and make it everlasting classical music is the only way forward.


Tell us about musical influences and your Guru?


I don't remember when I got connected with God through music and I could find  Kazi Nazrul Islam in my musical soul, more I learned about him the more I fell in love with music and he remains my inspiration and the reason for my love for music.


I have learnt from many of the stalwarts of music but my Guru in the strictest sense remains Ustad Rajkumar Rizvi, a truly rich soul with a treasure trove of knowledge a legend.


Musical influences have been many and my musical journey has been influenced by many of stalwarts of the music world. But I must mention the influence of  Sultan of Santoor Pdt Tarun Bhattacharya; his has been an incredible experience to learn from and he has refined my musical sensibilities and also helped and guided me translating many of my favourite Nazrul Geets in Hindi and helped me to reach out to lot many music lovers across the country and outside.


Looking ahead tell us about your plans to establish yourself as a front ranking singer


I have a very humble dream that lot many more songs are written and let them be put to beautiful heat touching music and let there be a wonderful synergy of words and music.