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Muskaan’s fresh approach to promote India’s literary and cultural heritage among students
Kolkata: Project `Muskaan’ – an initiative of Prabha Khaitan Foundation and Education for All Trust and supported by Shree Cement - will reach out to thousands of students across India to popularise heritage literature and culture by engaging them in cultural programmes, story-telling, dance, music, puppetry, theatre and art.
That’s the way a story is told
Telling folk tales or stories from the epics to children is a part of our oral history, as across the world. But it is also an art –and challenge too, how to retain their interest, particularly with a multitude of channels open to them today. Deepa Kiran of Hyderabad is a modern storyteller who brings old stories alive with élan - dancing, acting, playing the flute or tambourine. Mesmerised by her act at a recent event, Ranjita Biswas chats with the artist to discover what makes her tick
The Vienna Tourist Board is once again putting artistic freedom at the centre of social debate in its latest audacious marketing initiative with high-profile social network OnlyFans.
Despite its stellar development, Mumbai cannot ignore the knowledge that resides with its earliest inhabitants, the Koli community. A digital exhibition launched on World Indigenous People's Day on Aug 9 now explores Mumbai through the lens of these first residents of a fishing community. Uttara Ganguly reports
Panorama India has been celebrating India Day for the last 21 years. During a Zoom meeting on July 7 hosted by IBNS Correspondent Asha Bajaj, its Chairperson Sumeeta Kohli, President & Chief Executive Officer of ICICI Bank Sandeep Goel and Director and CEO of Tourism Mississauga Victoria Clarke share about India Day 2021 celebrations.