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Protyusha Mitra to present her first solo exhibition, Casement, from Apr 7
Kolkata, Apr 4 (IBNS): Protyusha Mitra shall present her 1st solo exhibition, Casement, from Apr 7 at White Box Janus, 187 Park Street.
Looking towards a future where there is a wonderful synergy of words and music, says young vocalist Samikshan
Samikshan, is a young talent from Bengal who is trying to make it big in the Mumbai music industry. Here is the young talent in a conversation with Subhojit Roy
You may want to be a graphic designer, owner of a start-up company, the go-to person in the office for making the project presentations, thinking of leaving your job planning to open a boutique or a restaurant – whoever you are in this list – there is one thing that you need pay more attention than you already do! And that is the choice of FONTS.
Kolkata, Dec 28 (IBNS): Sultan of Santoor, Pandit Tarun Bhattacharya in a statement said he is opening the first ever Centre of Excellence in Los Angeles, California, United States of America in 2019.
Born to musician parents Rhitom Sarkar, a child prodigy, started with Indian classical music but soon he veered towards playing the guitar because of the instrument's musical appeal akin to vocal due to its ability to glide. His innovative mind searched for ways and means to incorporate the finer nuances of Indian music in his guitar. An MBA in System Administration, B.SC (Hons) in Computer science, he has also completed M.MUS/Sangeet Bhaskar (Guitar-classical), and is a Gold Medalist (First Class First). Sarkar shares his musical journey with Subhojit Roy, co- founder Connections PR.
A graphic designer, owner of Graphite Studio and Artistic Director, Janus – White Cube, Subhamay Basu, talks about how his reconciliation with the colours yellow and purple.