The good doctor in H-1B limbo
Visa review under the Trump regime in USA puts rural America at risk of losing Indian doctors amid a shortage of physicians. Sharon Mai in USA and Sudipto Maity in India report
Making as entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurship is the mantra of the day with terms like start-ups, crowd funding, venture capitalists, etc. becoming household words. What it takes to be a successful entrepreneur? New York based SPAN writer Carrie Loewenthal Massey talks to two Indian entrepreneurs who participated in the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit in California to find out about their journey to success
Young Mountain Tea, Fulbright scholar Adhiraj Vable’s start-up in Oregon, works to create sustainable livelihoods for rural communities in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. Paromita Pain reports
Renu Khator is the first Indian American to head a comprehensive research university in USA. California-based SPAN writer Steve Fox reports
A newly opened exhibit in the Smithsonian museum complex in Washington, D.C. gives a glimpse of the struggles and achievements of the Indian community in America. SPAN writer Jane Varner Malhotra reports
Plastic is one of the toughest materials to get rid of and trash around cities is a common sight. What if this waste be turned into a resource and help the environ? Michael Gallant reports on such an attempt