Should do away with term 'women-centric film': Sonakshi Sinha
Trans World Features | @twfindia | 21 Aug 2018
Should do away with term 'women-centric film': Sonakshi Sinha

Actress Sonakshi Sinha will next be seen playing a comic role in Mudassar Aziz directorial Hindi film Happy Phirr Bhag Jayegi, a sequel to Happy Bhag Jayegi. As the Dabangg girl is busy in giving promotional interviews, IBNS-TWF brings some excerpts...

How was your experience working with co-star Jassi Gill?


It was very good. Actually it is very enjoyable to work with any talented actor. Moreover, Jassi is such a nice singer apart from being an actor. He was fit to play his role in the film. My working experience with him was very enjoyable.


Did you have any problem to do comedy scenes in the film?


Absolutely not. I felt it enjoyable. Our director was very happy with us (smiles). The atmosphere on the set was very happy and positive. I like to do comedy films because I am a funny person in real life. It feels good. So I guess comedy is a spontaneous thing for me.


Tell me something about your character.


Well, I am not that Happy who fled in the first film (Happy Bhag Jayegi). I am a different girl with name Happy. There is a confusion and comedy of errors in the plot. My identity has been mistaken in the film because of name Happy.


The release date (Aug 24) is inching closer. What is your frame of mind ahead of the film's release?


My mind frame is very happy because the response to the trailer and the song has been fantastic. Overall, there is a lot of positivity which has been carried from the first part (film). I thank the rest of the actors for creating such positivity in the first film. I am really happy right now.


Lots of women-centric films like Raazi, Hichki did well at the box office. How do you see it? Do you think it is a good time for the actresses?


Its great that such roles are written for women. We should also do away with term 'women-centric' because we never call films with male protagonist as 'hero-centric'. A film is a film. I think in recent times, it is the content which has been the king (most important). Now, unless there is a good plot or a story, the audience won't connect with the film. I am really happy that good roles are written for women and as actors that gives us an opportunity to showcase our range of acting as well.


Do you think the competition among actresses is now different with Alia Bhatt, Vidya Balan doing such great films?


I think the competition has always been there. There are so many films belonging to diverse genres made each year. The competition is also a good thing to have because it gives an inspiration. For example, I love Alia Bhatt as an actor. Even though Alia is so young, she is a fine talent and doing such amazing works. It is great if someone can inspire me in any way.