Land use changes in Himalaya: Clear and Present Danger to birds
Scientists have recorded a drastic loss in forest birds due to land-use changes in the western Himalayas. TV Padma of Mongabay India reports
Wildlife Rescue: A Kashmir woman breaks stereotypes
The role of wildlife conservationists and rescuers, such as Aaliya Mir, is increasingly becoming important in the wake of frequent human-wildlife conflicts in Kashmir. A mathematician by training, she says changing people’s attitudes towards wildlife conservation is a key challenge. Athar Parvaiz of Mongabay India reports
Bengaluru: An innovative machine designed by a team of six final year engineering students that gathers waste plastic is slated to hit Indian roads soon!
Uma Ramakrishnan, one of India’s leading scientists, works to conserve the tiger population in the country using population genetics reports Natasa Milas of SPAN
Kolkata: The two-day Medicon International conference started in Kolkata from Friday with the promise of promoting high impact learning in the field of general broad-based medicine in India and the recent advances made in the sector by eminent medical professionals both from India and United Kingdom in their fields of expertise.
Kolkata: Top doctors, who are attending the Medicon International, 2019, in Kolkata on Friday opined that there is an immediate need to strengthen the relationship with patients and build trust.