Medicon International: Panelists harp on proper communication to fight ‘violence’ against doctors
Trans World Features | @twfindia | 24 Dec 2019
Medicon International: Panelists harp on proper communication to fight ‘violence’ against doctors
Kolkata: The panelists on the last day of the Medicon Conference, who participated in a discussion on ‘Ethical issues: Violence Against Doctors- Whose responsibility is it’, on Saturday opined that lack of communication might be a major reason behind triggering growing trend of vandalism against medical practitioners.

The panel included both doctors and professionals from other sectors like law and media.


Amit Ghose, well-known urologist, said, “Each nation wants to identify with the medical profession. This is a profession that contributes towards human development index and to an extent to the pride index of the country. Violence against doctors is not a new development. But there is resurgence and we need to introspect that.”


“Each one of us in the society is responsible for the state we have reached,” he said.


“Human economics has reached to such an extent that it is pinching every pocket of the poor,” Ghose, who is also the father of a doctor, said.


He also pointed to the need on focussing on the issue of ‘medical communication’.


“Medical communication is the need of the hour. Hospitals need to be more transparent about state of disease and finance,” he said.


“However, violence delineated the youth from coming to the profession and the fear psychosis among the youth is a demeaning factor for the profession,” he said.


He said the power lies with the political parties and the government who have to invest more in the GDP and the infrastructure.


Binota Roy, who represented the legal profession, said the relationship between doctor and patient is that it has become more of a consumer and service provider.

“Due to poor infrastructure, many times, doctors cannot provide adequate amount of treatment which leads to unrest, grievance and then violence,” she said.


She said government should enhance the budget in the healthcare sector.


Dr. Madhuchanda Kar said: “Ethics and violence do not go hand in hand and managerial skills are not taught in the curriculum.”


Journalist Moupia Nandy narrated a personal story related to her family and said: “We have to build the trust. The trust between the patient and doctors are needed.”


“Mob violence these days are occurring everywhere. A reflection of it could be seen in the medical sector as well,” she said.


Professor Dr. Krishnangshu Ray once again voiced the need to create proper communication skills in the profession.


“The need of the hour is proper communication skills,” he said.


Dr. Kunal Sarkar highlighted the issue of absence of proper ‘healthcare’ policy in the country.


He said Indian healthcare sector is in dire need of investments.


Justice Ashim Kumar Roy said: “The doctor-patient relationship is made in heaven and it is based on trust and confidence. We need to identify areas where violence occurs.”


The two-day Medicon International, 2019 was held in Kolkata since Friday.