‘Aamar Jaan Kolkata’: Music album from the Ahhiran Brothers
IBNS | 26 Sep 2017
 ‘Aamar Jaan Kolkata’: Music album from the Ahhiran Brothers
Kolkata, Sep 26 (IBNS): Following an overwhelmed response they got after the release of their music video album in Facebook, Ahhirann Brothers released their new album ‘Aamar Jaan Kolkata’ in the city recently.

They wrote the song about Kolkata, how they saw Kolkata and felt about Kolkata. 
Their mother Pratima (Ranu) Ghosh helped them in composing the song. 
Said the Ahhirann Brothers, they were born in Kolkata and so Bengal and Kolkata have always and will always remain close to their heart because they are proud to be a part of the city. 
The brothers left Kolkata 15 years ago still they cannot forget the time they had when they were in Kolkata, the brothers said. 
The duo said that music has always been a part of their lives. Since childhood they saw their mother Pratima Ghosh who used to teach and practice music. 
They saw that on every family occasion there used to be a musical gathering which was really exciting to them to be a part of. Even now when they visit their family in Kolkata they still have the same musical gathering.
In ‘Aamar Jaan Kolkata’, the Ahhirann Brothers tried to show how they miss the joint family after they left Kolkata, how they miss the love and affection of their grandparents, how together they learnt music and played cricket, and also how they felt when they had to leave Kolkata.