Pdt Tarun Bhattacharya performs at Sankatmochan Sangeet Samaroh in Varanasi
IBNS | 10 Apr 2018
Pdt Tarun Bhattacharya performs at Sankatmochan Sangeet Samaroh in Varanasi
Varanasi, Apr 10 (IBNS): Famous among locals and visitors, Sankat Mochan Sangeet Samaroh is a yearly music celebration held annually in Varanasi

This yearly celebration holds a unique place in the hearts of visitors who appreciate music that touches their hearts and souls.


The 6-day-long celebration is a tribute to Lord Hanuman.


Santoor legend Pdt Tarun Bhattacharya performed at iconic music festival, "Sankatmochan Sangeet Samaroh".


He played Raag Basant Mukhari and was ably assisted by Sanju Sahai on Tabla.


Taking the stage at almost the break of dawn, the maestro brought the audience alive by playing Alaap Jor and Jhanptaal and a conversation "sawal-jawab"


The raga Basant Mukhari is widely acknowledged as the Hindustani adaptation of the Carnatic raga Vakulabharanam.


The Hindustani avatar is associated with the eclectic initiatives of S.N. Ratanjankar, the founder principal of the Maris College of Music in Lucknow.


Some of the greatest musical minds of the country have, in recent years, worked on giving the raga a Hindustani personality.


Despite this, the raga remains, to this day, subject to a considerable diversity in treatment.


The import of Vakulabharanam from the Carnatic tradition was, in fact, more like a second coming for this melodic entity.


The first was a mature raga called Hijaz, a melody of Persian origin, documented by V.N. Bhatkhande in the 1930s.


This year saw the felicitation of eminent music personalities like Sonu Nigam and Javed Akhtar at the festival.