Power Publishers making e-learning videos for school students based on textbooks
Trans World Features | @twfindia | 28 Apr 2020
Power Publishers making e-learning videos for school students based on textbooks
Kolkata: Traditional teaching process has now given way to digital methods so that students can continue to study despite the pandemic crisis and the lockdown.

From holding clasess on peer to peer communicating platfroms to e-learning videos, the way we saw traditional forms of teaching and learning have almost changed overnight.


Classrooms have been replaced by online video classes through platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams; textbook learning is replaced by video lessons or e-learning videos.


E-learning videos of short duration, covering a chapter or part of chapters are the new audio-visual form of gathering knowledge, for students.


Power Publishers & Motion Pictures, a leading educational publisher and film production company based in India, has announced creating e-learning videos for students at the school level.


“We have already got orders of creating e-learning videos for students from 20 different online education companies across India and United States. We have completed creating several of them and they are streaming on the websites and apps of these online education companies,” said Pinaki Ghosh, the founder of Power Publishers & Motion Pictures. 


The company has started creating e-learning videos for students of classes / grades 1 to 12, for all subjects.


Each video can cover a chapter of a subject, offering the scope of creating hundreds of e-learning videos.


Said Anupriya Dutta, head of the e-learning division of Power Publishers & Motion Pictures, “We first make a script from a chapter for the video, film the necessary portions, use video footage, voiceover, text, graphics and animation to create simple, interesting, fun to learn videos for e-learning."


According to Olivia Chatterjee Biswas, planner of the videos, “The trend gathering knowledge and school lessons from e-learning videos have sharply gone up during the lockdown, because a majority of schools were not able to distribute textbooks and workbooks to their students before lockdown; so they switched over to covering the lessons and chapters through interesting e-learning videos. We use a panel of teachers to script e-learning videos that we create, taking extreme care of the correctness of the information, and also making sure students would have fun watching them while learning their lessons."


Experts believe this is not a temporary change but something which is here to stay and gain popularity.