Power Publishers brings illustration services: Comic Book, Film Storyboard, Cover Design, Children’s Book Illustrations and more
Trans World Features | @twfindia | 30 Jun 2020
Power Publishers brings illustration services: Comic Book, Film Storyboard, Cover Design, Children’s Book Illustrations and more
Kolkata: Power Publishers, a leading Indian publishing, film and audiobook services company, now brings a large range of illustration and art services.

According to the company, it has combed through a huge database of the nation’s most talented illustrators and artists and brought them together under a common platform.


The company is offering the service to those who are interested in comic book and graphic novel art, film storyboard illustrations, children’s book illustrations, book cover designs, book illustrations, character illustrations, cards and posters, etc.


Comic book art and graphic novel art:


Comic books and graphic novels are a popular form of art from the 1930s. The popularity of comic books and graphic novels are still strong and have now been adapted to cinema.


Over the past 15 years graphic novel art has been largely outsourced to Indian comic book illustrators for the cost advantage, according to the company.


Power Publishers said it has handled over 600 comic book projects from North America and India since 2011 and the service is now part of the offering of services from Power Publishers.


The company said it employs some of the nation’s nest comic book illustrators on hire like Xong Brothers, Ani Ghosh, Mithun Roy, Rajib Das, Ghanshyam Bochgeri, Pixel Brothers, and more.


Storyboard illustration service:


Storyboard illustrations are required for professional filmmaking.


A screenplay is first converted to a storyboard, which is an illustrated form of the screenplay.


It gives a visual look and feel to the screenplay and gives an idea to the directorial team how the film will look, even before filming.


Power Publishers offers storyboard illustrator hire service for film production companies and filmmakers, to get their screenplay illustrated, for a visual feel before filming.


Children’s Book Illustration:


The appeal of children’s books lie in their colors and beautiful illustrations.


Power Publishers said it has completed hundreds of children’s book illustration projects with appreciation.


The illustrators can follow any style of children’s book illustrations.


Book cover art:


Power Publishers is also one of the  nation’s leading book cover design services, coming up with book covers that are aesthetic and appeal to the senses.


The cost of the service is below the average rate for such a service, according to the company.


Character illustration, poster illustration:


According to the company, their illustrators can give shape to any character that a client conceptualises.


Required for online games, animation, or graphic novels, sometimes to gift to someone as a superhero, character illustrations are a rare and specialized service, which Power Publishers is offering.


Pinaki Ghosh, founder of Power Publishers said he was an illustrator himself and loved illustrating comic books as a child.


As a grown up, his dream was always to bring together the nation’s best illustrators on a common platform where anyone looking for any type of art and illustration services would find them.