The Lesser-Told Story of Jackfruit
With the Indian summer comes the whiff of ripe mangoes and the jackfruit. But while the mango is revered as the ‘king of fruits’, the jackfruit is often relegated to the background. Yet, the latter can garner its own place in the fruit world, says Ranjita Biswas
Technical education sector appeals to PM for relief
Salem: The association of technical polytechnics in Tamil Nadu has sought a financial relief of Rs 50,000 crore for 50 lakh students pursuing higher education covering engineering, technology, hotel management, pharmacy and management studies.
Kolkata: Power Publishers, a leading Indian publishing, film and audiobook services company, now brings a large range of illustration and art services.
It is three months since the first lockdown was announced due to Covid-19. Like all fields, the pandemic has affected the area of education too which has had to take recourse to online learning even from the primary school stage. But lack of universal availability of the electronic tools for learning, has also created a divide between the haves and have-nots. Anju Munshi probes
Author Amita Sahaya was present at An Author's Afternoon session presented by Shree Cement Ltd and organised by the Prabha Khaitan Foundation in June through Zoom. Sahaya, whose present book 'The Shaadi Story' examines the Indian wedding through a socio-economic and gendered prism, during an interaction with author Kiran Manral, spoke how marriage has been an integral part of a woman's life and how it is changing. India Bloms correspondent Souvik Ghosh brings excerpts
Covid 19 has already changed the way we have lived so far when we took many things for granted. But as a sign of human resilience, people are also slowly adapting to the change. That includes dressing up fashionably still but keeping in mind the safety concerns. Anju Munshi takes a look at the current scene