Awart Katiyar twists a plot around Agent Perculo
India Blooms News Service | 15 Sep 2017
Awart Katiyar twists a plot around Agent Perculo
“Agent Perculo, Volume 1” by Awart Katiyar is a spy thriller to hit the shelves this year. Thrills, suspense, romance, emotional drama, nail-biting tension, twists and turns—this new book has it all in the right doses.

A.B.I. or Agent Based Intelligence has just found out that the Prime Minister of India is under mortal threat. Now it is up to the A.B.I agents to ensure the safety of the PM and the other cabinet ministers. 

The two most efficient and trusted agents are selected to handle the very sensitive project. 
And these two agents want Agent Perculo to take over the mission because he is the best mind they have in the agency—the best planner among them all. 
But the head of the agency has his doubts. 
Perculo is infamous for his drinking habits, for his womanising ways. 
Yet Perculo is selected in the end for the mission. 
But the deviously handsome and mischievous Perculo loses no time in falling in love with a pretty, young, married neighbour during the course of the mission and ends up planning murder to save his ladylove. 
It will be a gross injustice on my part towards the readers if I say anything more about the plot. All I can say is, it will be a treat to hurtle headlong with Perculo as he goes through the seven days of his mission. 
Whether he can save the PM or not is for the readers to find out.
This book is just the first part of the series and the author has left the readers hanging at a very tantalising point indeed. 
There is no way that readers would not want to know what happens with Perculo next.
Now coming to the characterisation—Agent Perculo is a suave, charismatic, and ruthless man who gets what he wants. And his mission and his plans are not the only things that make him enigmatic and enticing. He has a painful past, a broken heart and the readers would be really intrigued to find out more about the man who can steal hearts in the blink of an eye. 
Perculo drinks all the time and flirts and yet you can’t not trust him. 
Ably supporting Perculo here are the other characters, like Trisha, Arshiv, Ragini, Rahul, Mr Gupta, and the deliciously evil Iltutmish. 
A deadly blend of all these finely-crafted characters makes the pages of this book throb with a life of its own.
As a genre, spy thrillers are one of the fastest moving and this book is a very nice addition to the list. 
But one thing that I felt is that the illicit romance portion in this story might make this unsuitable for small kids. 
Young adults will definitely enjoy reading this book. 
Agent Perculo is sure to charm his way into the hearts of readers.
(Reviewed by Priya Das)