Face to face with young author Dipeeta Das Mukherji
IBNS | 07 Oct 2017
Face to face with young author Dipeeta Das Mukherji
Dipeeta Das Mukherji, whose first book 'From Wonderland to Reality' has just hit the shelves, talks about her life, her writing and her dreams in this candid interview.

Hi, Dipeeta! First of all, congratulations on the release of "From Wonderland to Reality". Is this your first book?
Thank you. Yes, it is my first book.
What kind of readers are you hoping to reach out to through your book?
I am hopeful that young readers from the age of ten,  and their parents -- especially if they have a girl child -- will read the book.
We found out that you discovered your flair for writing from a very young age. What inspired you to wield the pen?
Actually, I wrote a poem right after my mother passed away (Final Call), as I couldn't express my grief amongst all that was happening around me then. Later, I won a competition with this poem, and my Dada inspired me to pen down more. That's how it all started.
Which genre of literature do you find the most appealing?
I find biographies most appealing; however, I can honestly say that I admire all good compositions in whatever form they're in.
Have your friends and teachers gone through the book? What do they think about it?
Yes. Most of my friends and teachers have gone through my book - they're simply overwhelmed. Some of them are telling me to carry on with writing more; some are congratulating me for its success; some are saying they're proud of me, etc. But the most encouraging comments were from my tennis instructor and my school teachers. They're telling me to continue reaching out to the disadvantaged section of our community as they don't get time to contribute much to this cause, and that they will support me wholeheartedly. I have already selected an orphanage for girls near Mandermani, for royalty distribution, and all my friends and family are very happy about it. 
Since your book also deals with making people aware of their role in making the world a better place to live, how do you think youngsters of your age should contribute to the cause?
A gazillion dollar question, actually! In my own opinion, I think girls of my age should start by playing a role in general development in whatever capacity they can, may be from teaching a kid of their domestic help, to donating their books, clothes and stationery to poor kids. I also believe that each one of us can make a difference by doing our own part as a good Samaritan, from ensuring good hygiene to contributing to pollution free atmosphere and also by standing up for their rights, etc. A miniature contribution from all girls in your school for a social or other noble cause may make it a huge one. That's what I believe.