Purple Blossoms: Human emotions expressed through verse
IBNS | 14 Nov 2017
Purple Blossoms: Human emotions expressed through verse
'Purple Blossoms', written by Ashford Lyonette, contains beautiful poems woven with threads of human emotions.

It's not a very common experience to come across a book that is so relatable and reveals the naked truth which we know but prefer to ignore. 

The book explores human emotions, relations and complications. The poems have successfully touched every sphere of life showing the changes that men and women go through in life. 
We get to know a lot of people through Ashford's poems, people who come from different backgrounds, professions, struggles and stories of their own. 
The book has been divided into four main sections- Reality, Humour, Deliberation and Advisory. 
The first section is 'reality' which hits the readers hard, in a good way. It makes us realise that 'yes, I am stuck in this world of human mess but I'm not alone in this chaos, there are other people too who are having even tougher lives.' And realising that is very important for every person. 
The second section is 'humour', which is mixture of fantasy, fable and non-fictional poems. All the poems have a veil of humour covering the actual message. It is like having a smile playing on your lips but then at the end you are hit with a sudden harsh truth and realisation. 
The third part is 'deliberation', which puts in front of the readers the tricks and games of life and the world in a pretty straight forward manner. It reflects the poor condition of the rich world. 
The very last section is 'advisory'. It teaches the readers how to cope up and manage with the issues that have been previously discussed  and covered in the book. It has lessons that the readers can carry with them for the rest of their lives and use them in the daily situations that they face in future. 
The book shows the vulnerability as well as the tremendous strength of humans. The book shows life from a different point of view and the poet lets you experience the world all over again  with a distinct and clear perspective. 
Overall I would like to rate the book 8/10. It is a beautiful piece of art that needs to be read and felt by everyone in order to live life in a whole new way.
(Reviewed by Soumashree Mukherjee)