Jayesh Sinha is ready to tell you about the 'Greatest Sports Rivalries'
IBNS | 16 Nov 2017
Jayesh Sinha is ready to tell you about the 'Greatest Sports Rivalries'
Power Publishers is set to release the book 'Greatest Sports Rivalries' by author Jayesh Sinha in November.

Sports fanatics, who turn to the Sports page of the daily newspaper first thing in the morning, may wonder 'what's new here?' 
The publisher  has vouched that the book is anything but another book on sports or its legends. 
The author has penned what seems like an elaborate research on sports rivalries that have been popular through decades and have divided fans and countrymen like they are cheering over a personal battle. 
Yes, sports is religion to hundreds out there and the book focuses on the competition and rivalries between the sporting icons.
The content reveals that an amazing amount of patience and meticulous research have gone into the book. 
Each chapter has been dedicated to a single sport and there are vivid descriptions of the rivalries that made historic moments. 
From Federer and Nadal to Hunt and Lauda to Steffi Graf and Martina Navratilova, the book is a bible of the greatest warriors on field and their most stand-out battles. 
Not only does it deal with the most read-about and followed sports, but polo, horse-riding, chess and golf have also been mentioned along with cricket, rugby, tennis, basketball and others. 
Rare pictures of the greatest matches and moments make it a collector's item.
According to readers who have gone through the first few copies, the book is not just about what the title suggests. 
It can also be taken as a handbook about sports in general and how they are played on national and international levels. The structure of the games and the changes that they have undergone over the years. 
Hence, learners and/or simply followers getting introduced to a sport can read through to get a taste of what the game offers, before they tune in to the popular sports channels on television. 
Possibly a birthday gift for that cousin who can’t tell rugby from soccer!
The book will be shortly available on flipkart, Amazon, snapdeal and shopclues. A gem of a collection that sports fans wouldn't want to miss!
(Reviewed by Anupriya Dutta)