The Life Essentials: A self-help guide to get you back on track in life
IBNS | 18 Dec 2017
The Life Essentials: A self-help guide to get you back on track in life
Power Publishers' newest title 'The Life Essentials' is an honest effort by first-time author Sathyan Segaran that might get you in life reboot mode, if you are on with it.

A non-fiction self-help guide, the book consists of 50 chapters reflecting upon the aspects of life we call 'essentials'. 
As they say, 'eat, work, sleep, repeat' is what keeps the life going, while the ancillaries are simply optional. It is true in most cases and we, the proud participators of the rat-race, tend to grow oblivious of the fact as we head on with our lives.
Before we delve further into the details, the book offers 50 short chapters about taking life seriously or not. 
Relieving every episode, from teenage to adulthood, with a short anecdote from this life, the chapters have been made interesting and informative. 
Now, you might have lived through them or are still, but you might want to sit back and evaluate the things you are yet to tick off the list. 
The things that make our life simple and peaceful in the most basic and therefore underrated way, has been explained through pictures and simple to-do lists wherever necessary. 
The language is simple. 
What really keeps the mood going is how the author makes us see everything in a positive way.  
If you are going through a low for some time now, you might want to grab a copy of the book and look for some light to get you hopping back on the tracks.  
The book, priced at Rs 400, is currently available at and

(Reviewed by Anupriya Dutta)