Book review: Active Mismanagement of Maladies
IBNS | 19 Dec 2017
Book review: Active Mismanagement of Maladies
Bhagaban Chandra Patra’s book, 'Active Mismanagement of Maladies', published by Power Publishers, is all about the harsh treatments faced by common people day in and out.

It covers a detailed study on vast number of subjects and issues that he has worked on and seeks the attention of the readers to discuss his perspectives and experiences with the same. 
Active Mismanagement of Maladies is a well-written collection of anecdotes about characters who are caught in the never-ending journey of trying to  figure themselves out. 
The book acts like a magnifying glass providing detailed views of various aspects of administration related to pharma industry,insurance company and hospitals.  
The author has a way of defining the Indianess without sounding explanatory, a style that would appeal even to the non- natives. 
Many doctors become storytellers but he has undertaken one of the most extraordinary stories which he wishes to explore through his first ever book.
It is revealing, urgent and surprising. Active Mismanagement of Maladies provides a fascinating glimpse into the future of severe treatments. 
It is an extraordinary book that offers hope and clarity to those seeking to demystify severe diseases. 
Reviewed by Poonam Chatterjee