Book Review: Between You and Me
IBNS | 27 Dec 2017
Book Review: Between You and Me
Power Publishers' latest release -- 'Between You & Me' -- is a collection of amorous poems narrating and reflecting the various dimensions and colours of love.

The poems manage to capture the essence of the thoughts and convey them to the readers without weighing them down in a torrent of flowery prose. 
Be it an expression of longing or adultery, seduction or simple homely acts of love, Krishna Panda brings to her readers the truth of each experience. 
Her poetry speaks of tangled, heated passion, erotic love, unrequited love and even the end of love. 
Some poems may tug at your tear ducts; a few made my heart pound with Panda’s perfect selection of metaphor. 
It is believed that takers of poetry are fewer. 
However, when something revolves around the concept of love, readers are quick to relate to the theme. 
Authors like Panda plunging into reinvention of poetry is good news for readers. 
The book will be shortly be available at and‚Äč
(Reviewed by Poonam Chatterjee)