Book Review: 'Pratidhwani' by Ram Ratan Yadav
IBNS | 19 Jan 2018
Book Review: 'Pratidhwani' by Ram Ratan Yadav
Pratidhwani is a collection of poems -- written by Ram Ratan Yadav -- that takes readers on a beautiful life's journey.

Yadav's poems, in Hindi, have a cathartic air to them, helping the readers explore memories, death, the pains, the joy, the love, the big realizations, the different ages of life - childhood, youth, parenthood, old age; and finally after everything- the eternal sleep. 
We get to see the rich and the poor, the lucky and the unlucky, the universal truth of life, wars and wrecks, the destruction of our existence from the wrath of natural forces.
We are reminded of the spiritual meaning of life.
We feel our relations more closely, especially with our mother.
We relearn to be thankful for the little moments in our lives.
As a reader, you may not get answers to eternal questions like what is life and what is death, but you can surely get to relish it from the author's point of view.
It's a book to read and get lost in the aura of self-realization. 
Reading the book is like getting to experience every little emotion that you possibly can feel. You cry and then come back, craving to feel it all over again. 
The book will shortly be available in flipkart, amazon and

Reviewed by Anupriya Dutta