Marc Bieri on his book Trouble - The Last Chance
IBNS | 27 Jan 2018
Marc Bieri on his book Trouble - The Last Chance
Wendel and his troubles are drawn from his own childhood and his days as a teacher, says Marc Bieri

Congratulations on the release of the '' Trouble - The last chance.'' Where does this book fit into your career as a writer?

'Trouble' was my first book. Before that, I'd written some short stories and an unpublished young children's story. 

What influenced this book?

Wendel and the troubles he gets into are really a figment of my imagination. That said, bits and pieces of all the characters are drawn from my childhood and my time as a teacher. 

When did you realize you were a writer?
I started writing as a stress reliever. I was sitting on Trouble for a long time. For the five years I was teaching at the Canadian International School in Bangalore, I would read it with my students. They gave me the confidence to finally get it published.

Tell us about your process: Pen and Paper, computer and notebooks. How do you write?
I start writing on whatever is nearby, paper or computer. Eventually, the story gets typed out and I finish writing, revise and edit, revise and edit, and revise and edit all on the computer. 

What kind of readership are you expecting?
I don't really know. I know my international school kids got the story. I really hope that other preteens and tweens, the age group it's aimed at, like the story.