Book review: Aliens Vs God, a well-crafted thriller
IBNS | 18 Apr 2018
Book review: Aliens Vs God, a well-crafted thriller
It is a sensitive world to live in indeed. But would readers today be intrigued by aliens and spirituality, one wonders. But Avijit Kher's book Aliens vs God from Power Publishers is indeed a must-read if you are looking for something mentally stimulating.

The book has a narrative drive. It’s occasional emotional brutality and its humour adds up to a novel which is intelligent, thought-provoking and readable as a potboiler. 

Aliens can be born from any one of the reasons – created by god or evolved through natural processes. 
This book presumes that there is god. This book is entertaining and interesting read. 
This book is a well–crafted thriller which answers questions related to death and suffering. 
Author Abhijit A Kher has written it in a simple and understandable language that most readers can follow.
The book would shortly be available in and
(Reviewed by Poonam Chatterjee)