Relive tales of historical romance through the short story collection Pushpaketu
Trans World Features | 28 Jun 2018
Relive tales of historical romance through the short story collection Pushpaketu
Kolkata, June 28 (IBNS): 'Pushpaketu' is a symbol of love through the ages, said its author Ananya Pal, while introducing her collection of 12 Bengali short stories.

Written by Pal and published by Parash Pathar, the book was recently unveiled by noted litterateur Bani Basu, at the South City outlet of popular Kolkata-based lifestyle store Starmark.

Bangkok-based chartered accountant Pal writes for various publications, including Desh and Nabakallol published from Kolkata and Pratham Alo and Kali O Kalam published from Dhaka.
Although Pal writes across genres, including historical fictions, thrillers, comedies and travelogues, this collection contains stories of historical romance in the backdrop of Indian history and myths.
Hence the collection is named after the Indian god of love, Kamadeva, who is also known as Pushpaketu.
Pal said that she has aimed to give a new perspective to the historical events and has kept the language simple because she wants the book to reach a large number of readers.
“History is boring, unless you see it from the right perspective. Pushpaketu symbolizes romance in history in different eras. India and its glorifying past are felt
through each chapter and as you get into the aura of the characters in it, one can experience the scenario that would flutter. I have deliberately kept the language lucid, making the book readable for the mass," said Pal.
Tollywood director Anindya Bikash Dutta and actor Hiran were also present at the book launch.
(Reporting by Avirupa Das)