Book review: 'How to Become a Top Performing Individual' packs in some timely survival techniques
Trans World Features | @twfindia | 14 Dec 2018
Book review: 'How to Become a Top Performing Individual' packs in some timely survival techniques
The changing and challenging job market seeks high performing people and abilities to meet their needs and stand out from other companies.

Gaurav Gupta, in his book 'How to Become a Top Performing Individual' has come up with a very relevant topic. 
Individuals are required by their organisations to perform effectively everyday for their benefit and for the growth and development of the company. 
The situation and demand are similar for both government and private sectors since they need to survive in this tough competition to excel. 
Gaurav Gupta has divided the book into several sections to throw light on each aspect properly and to guide everyone effectively and successfully. 
One needs to constantly improve their skills and way of working to increase their value and output. 
Several steps need to be followed by everyone since being successful is not a matter of one day’s hard work, it needs time, patience and strategy. 
People need to imbibe certain habits to become a top performing individual and the readers can understand it properly since the author has made a point-wise analysis of the habits. 
The performance of an employee depends on several factors like the office environment, co-workers, condition of health, metal state and many more. 
One needs to give attention to every facet in order to come up as top performing employee.  
An individual must have his or her goals clear and he or she should work quite hard to achieve them by being strategic and practical. 
If someone’s abilities are poor, they can still aim for higher achievements by following certain steps and proving oneself to be creative, unique and dedicated.
This book can work as an amazing guide for all the individuals out there who want to excel in their own fields and be at the top of an organisation. 
One must remember that hurdles will arise on the way but one needs to learn to overcome it without fear because nothing is impossible and also people should be grateful for what they already have, as stated by the author. 
(Reviewed by Sayantani Sengupta)