How about hiring a co-author to complete your unfinished book?
Trans World Features | @twfindia | 11 Jul 2019
How about hiring a co-author to complete your unfinished book?
Kolkata, July 10 (IBNS): Power Publishers, a 12-year old publishing company, based in Kolkata, has good news for those writers who are not being able to complete writing their book for paucity of time or any other reason.

The publishing house is offering the services of co-writing your unfinished book.


Not only unfinished books, hire a co-writer service from Power Publishers if you are too busy to write a book but have a concept in mind, or do not have the skills to write a book like a professional but have a story to tell. 


Power Publishers has been operating their international writing service since 2007, with 2,100 completed book writing projects, mostly for overseas clients who want to get a book written, but do not have the time or skill to write, according to Pinaki Ghosh, the founder of the company.


Many unconventional writers, some of who are doctors, army officers, retired people, IT professionals, students, motivators and leadership trainers, start to write a book with a lot of enthusiasm but after sometime they get busy with their work and abandon the writing initiative.


Now these authors can get their books completed by hiring a co-author.


Besides an affordable fee of Rs 425 per page, the co-writer for hire must be given credit as co-author when the book is published.


“Co-writing a 200-page book usually takes three months, with a weekly collaboration between the main writer and the co-writer, who has been hired. The main writer has to share an outline of the book or an unfinished manuscript, to get started, and the hired co-author takes care of the rest,” said Pinaki Ghosh.


Power Publishers also offers the option to get the co-written book published through them or approach any publisher of the writer’s choice.