Book review: Gautam Maitra takes you through 'Human-Alien Encounter of the Modern Kind'
Trans World Features | @twfindia | 17 Aug 2019
Book review: Gautam Maitra takes you through 'Human-Alien Encounter of the Modern Kind'
'Human-Alien Encounter of the Modern Kind' by Gautam Maitra is different from the mainstream plots and structure, it is unique and a very interesting read.

The rivalry between Alp Space and L-Land leads the plot of the story till the end and throughout this, the readers will be exposed to multiple rise and falls, which make the story even more interesting and engaging.


This fiction mainly involves Alpensine and Bernard Robert and their lands, which are inhabited by Aliens that follow rules, have a powerful military and are unique in cultures and practices, just like it happens on Earth with human beings.


The book is divided into 44 chapters and these involve several twists and turns which the readers would love to read and experience.


Author Gautam Maitra has used simple sentences to frame his story.


The descriptions of these unseen lands are so definite and realistic that readers can actually imagine them in their minds.


The robots, the aliens, the unknown spaces and the Earth are described beautifully, each with specificity and authenticity.


I feel the ending of this book is the most interesting part and the readers have to find out the reason behind it!


The lucid and smooth story-telling technique are sure to impress and captivate the readers.


Hence, if someone is looking for a different kind of book, this is one of the best for them. Enjoy reading!


(Reviewed by Sayantani Sengupta)