Book review: Can Rahul and Diya make their arranged marriage work in 'The Imperfect Set'?
Trans World Features | @twfindia | 28 Aug 2019
Book review: Can Rahul and Diya make their arranged marriage work in 'The Imperfect Set'?
Life always throws unexpected challenges at us and waits to see how we react to it, is the underlying theme of the novel 'An Imperfect Set' by Jigar Solanki.

Sometimes we do not get what we want with all our heart because they are not meant for us and perhaps something better is still there.


'An Imperfect Set' opens on an interesting note where the central character, Rahil is lost in deep thought during his marriage.


It is very clearly portrayed that Rahil is marrying Diya out of compulsion and that he is not happy at all.


Even their first night after marriage does not prove be a pleasant one because Rahil finds a lot of difficulty in adjusting with his newly wedded wife.


However, after a few chapters, a deep secret is unraveled to the readers and it comes as a shock because neither the characters nor the readers can figure out how to deal with such a situation.


But it is said that there is always a way no matter what and in case of Rahil too, it proves to be true.


We always need someone to show us light when we are lost in the darkness of life and in Rahil’s life too, Niyati comes like a fresh gush of wind to show him the positive side of life and to make him understand between right and wrong.


However, everything falls apart when Rahil gets to know about his father’s sudden death.


During this time, Diya holds his hand, guides him and encourages him to take up politics and continue his father’s legacy.


One event follows the other and the story ends on a very interesting note which the readers would highly appreciate.


The slow yet steady story-telling technique used by Jigar Sonanki is quite impressive since the plot highly demands it.


An Imperfect Set is divided into 21 engaging chapters that will hold the interest of the readers till the end.


The lucid language adds an extra layer of beauty to it.


Overall, it is a great read!

(Reviewed by Sayantani Sengupta)