Book review: A story that tries to root out discrimination in society
Trans World Features | @twfindia | 11 Mar 2020
Book review: A story that tries to root out discrimination in society
In the 'Legacy of the Legends', author Vikramraj Parthasarthy has portrayed multiple issues based on discrimination.

We call ourselves civilised and modern, but we fail to believe in equality, we still believe in separating people on the basis of religion, caste, complexion, gender and so on.


The blockage is still prevalent in the minds of some people, who pass it on to the next generation and hence, they also start believing in the same thing.


A similar picture has been painted in this book through the narration of a schoolboy, Raj.


He is amazed by the harsh behaviour of his friends with Chhotu, the grandson of their school gatekeeper and tells everything to his grandfather.


What are the viewpoints of Raj? What role does Dadu play in his life? How is Raj different from the others?


To know all the answers to these questions, the readers have to read this amazing book.


Divided into several chapters, this book has showcased the stories of legends who have created a drastic change in society, who have left a unique mark in everyone’s life and who will be remembered by the future generations as well.


Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa and so on have been mentioned in this book along with their distinguished contribution to the society.


The language used is very lucid and the smooth storytelling will be loved by all readers.


In order to know about the plight of Chhotu, Raj and other schoolmates, the readers must read Legacy of the Legends.


Amidst the known facts, multiple unknown things will also be known to all and this book is definitely a must-read.

(Reviewed by Sayantani Sengupta)