Author interview: Sourabh Angarkar on his cookery book about using herbs and spices in cooking
Trans World Features | @twfindia | 19 Mar 2020
Author interview: Sourabh Angarkar on his cookery book about using herbs and spices in cooking
Author Sourabh Angarkar wants to educate everyone about the benefits of using herbs and spices in everyday cooking

Congratulations on the release of “Roots of Herbs and Spices".  What made you come up with an idea of a cookbook with roots of herbs and spices?


Thank you. In our changing lifestyle, we come across many herbs which we don’t use for cooking. My intention is to educate people about herbs, their benefits and history in why they should be used in our daily life.


What is your professional background and your passion? What makes you write books on cookery?


I love cooking, I am a chef by profession, my love for cooking started when I was 13 years old back in India. My real idea on writing a book is to bring restaurant style cooking to home which is simple and easy. I wanted to bring all the new revolution of cooking through my books. With good nutrition.


There are myths about herbs; do herbs really have medicinal and healing qualities?


Yes, they do. Do not believe the myths. Centuries ago, herbs were used for medicine purpose for cough, cold, and other diseases. From my book readers can know more about how herbs were used years ago for medicinal purpose. People should use herbs in daily cooking.


Are these herbal cooking recipes your own, or acquired from elders in your family, like your mother? Please shed some light on this.


Well, I learnt how to cook from my mother. The recipes in the book are of my own, giving value to the tradition some of the recipes were of 19th century. As always said good food takes time.


Tell us something about your book. Some highlights.


In short and simple words. All about herbs and spices as the name suggests, indeed there is some content about soil and different types of soil commonly found in India. Climate affecting herbs, freezing herbs and drying herbs was discussed in detail 


You have acknowledged your mother in your book. Please tell something about her.


In one word, my mother is my everything, my mother Latha Prabhakar, sister Dr Aishwarya Angarkar, father Prabhakar Angarkar -- my family members are my pillars, and the inspiration behind my achievements. I thank my mom from bottom of my heart; it would not have been possible for me to reach this height without her support, I am very emotionally connected with my mom.


What will be your next book about?


My next book is all about slow cooking, which we have totally forgotten. This is a bigger project with complex recipes in it. People who want to change their eating habits must give them a try with all the elements based on slow cooking. This book is a unique project that I choose to write and is scheduled for release in the coming few months. And book is titled, “Importance of Slow Cooking.”