Book review: How to face and win over the economic downfall in the wake of the pandemic
Trans World Features | @twfindia | 09 Jul 2020
Book review: How to face and win over the economic downfall in the wake of the pandemic
The present scenario of the entire world is bleak, pessimistic, and dark. The worldwide pandemic due to the COVID-19 has threatened many facets of the society and has also shaken the lives of people.

Suddenly, the world has been pushed into the dungeon and we are all trying to come out of it with the help of each other.


The economic domain has been hampered to a great extent and people around the globe are suffering from employment, poor economic conditions and so on.


In this tough scenario, Anand Vardhan has come up with a book called ‘Alternative Strategy for Unfettered Growth’ to help Indians to fight against the economic downfall.


The author has explored almost all the sectors and explained in detail the problems as well as the solution.


The government scheme under the name NITI Aayog has also been discussed by Anand Vardhan to tell you exactly what role the government can play to pull us out of the darkness and show us light.


Investments, at this hour, has to be done under proper guidance to lessen the chances of a loss and this book also deals with the various strategies, which are quite different from what most people already know.


Both urban and rural areas have suffered due to the prolonged lockdown period, mostly in the economic sector, so finding a solution to the problem is the utmost need of every individual now.


Work and find a solution before it is too late because the condition of the country is serious at present.


Vardhan not only tells you what has already happened but also approaches the primary question --- how to?

Most people may tell you what should be done but how it should be done is said by the author of this book.


It is very important for all of us to understand the truth, to remove the façade and see what is actually happening around and all these things will be shown to you through ‘Alternative Strategy for Unfettered Growth’.


The language used by the author is simple since it intends to appeal to a large mass.


The perfect chapter division will enable you to easily find out which zone you actually wish to cover first.


Whatever questions are arising in your mind now will be answered by the author through this wonderful book!


It is a must-read for all at the present situation and also to make the future better.

(Reviewed by Sayantani Sengupta)