Book Review: A journey of personal discovery through the land of Uncle Sam
Trans World Features | @twfindia | 01 Aug 2020
Book Review: A journey of personal discovery through the land of Uncle Sam
Tomes have been written about The United States of America – a country which instantly grabs the attention due to multiple reasons like academics, fashion, style, food, language – but here is a chance to have a fresh look at the land of Uncle Sam through author Bhagaban Chandra Patra's book, ‘My Discovery of America’.

Travelling is one of the activities which most people thoroughly enjoy and when you cannot, such as during this pandemic crisis, reading about your favourite destination will up the happiness and curiosity.


This travel diary explores America and the term “my” in the title of the book ensures you some personal touch, which you have not read or heard before.


The diary opens with a scene at an airport in Thailand, where we are introduced to the author and his wife.


From the very beginning of the book, the author has successfully maintained a good pace and a writing style which would appeal to everyone.


You can find multiple exchanges of dialogues, which makes the book even more interesting and you can feel the excitement, the happiness, and the surprise as you proceed.


The author will take you along with him on this wonderful journey through the help of beautifully chosen words.


In ‘My Discovery of America’, you can find the descriptions of many wonderful places of America, the special cuisine, multiple facts which are most probably unknown to you, their love for travel, what they do to maintain their health and a lot of other interesting things.


The author will successfully be able to engage the readers throughout the book with his lucid language and innovative writing skills.


The book is divided into 18 chapters and each chapter will be like a gush of fresh air for the readers.


If you love to travel, then you know which book to read next, isn’t it?


Overall, this travel diary shall win the hearts of everyone.


(Reviewed by Sayantani Sengupta)