Book review: A book that guides parents to develop their children’s critical thinking
Trans World Features | @twfindia | 02 Sep 2020
Book review: A book that guides parents to develop their children’s critical thinking
Parenthood is a wonderful and joyous feeling when your entire world revolves around your child and you think about the ways in which you can help them grow and develop.

But it is also one of the most crucial times in the life of the parents and the child.


It is said that a child grasps and imitates everything from his or her surroundings, so if you look at the practical as well as the critical aspects, you can create a wonderful space for your child to grow and develop into a complete human being.


The question is how?


Well, Dr Siddhartha Suhas Kulkarni, currently a resident of Birmingham, United Kingdom, has provided many answers and hints in his book ‘Parenting: The Critical Thinking at Home’ where he has talked about the ways in which you can ignite the fire of critical thinking in your little one’s mind.


The pandemic situation has made everything topsy-turvy with children not only fretting from being confined at home and missing their friends but also having to adjust to the digital methods of studying.


As parents, we do feel helpless at times but taking their safety and health into consideration, we have to maintain this till the situation becomes normal in the near future.


However, this lockdown can also prove to be very effective for your child if you read this short book and learn how to instil a critical mindset in the child, urging them to think differently, start questioning about the various things and prepare for the future.


The book is written in a lucid language with convenient chapter divisions so that parents can easily find answers to all their questions.


The examples, illustrations and explanations will help readers to grasp everything very quickly and easily.


(Reviewed by Sayantani Sengupta)