10 Essentials to the Blueprint of Happiness by Bhanu Arora
IBNS | 02 Jun 2017
10 Essentials to the Blueprint of Happiness by Bhanu Arora
Kolkata, Jun 1 (IBNS): If you are struggling to find that elusive key to happiness, may be you should take a look at new author Bhanu Arora's book tittle '10 Essentials to the Blueprint of Happiness'.

This self-help book from Power Publishers promises to pack in the perfect recipe for happiness in life. 
'10 Essentials to the Blueprint of Happiness' presents a clear picture of the reality that we encounter every day and of the problems that we either discuss about or try to run away from. 
‘Is happiness then the perception of a mental state when you are satisfied with yourself and the achievements that you have made in life, and your mind is in a peaceful and tranquil state with no desire, craving or dearth of anything in it?’ -- is a key question raised in the book.
What Arora offers in this book is raw and real. 
It gives us a glimpse into the minds of people who are struggling in their own way to find ultimate 'happiness' in life. 
This books also talks about culture that young minds are exploring today or are developing through their individualistic ideas. 
The book talks about instances where individuals are annoyed when the boss prefers a particular colleague over them, and where an average student gets compared with a brilliant one or the endless frustrations that individuals go through every passing day.
 This book is a journey of ten practical tips that will surely freshen up your mind and lend you a renewed perspective to deal with stressful circumstances. 
It is as much of an education for the protagonist as the reader. 
However, such tips do not advocate detachment from monetary or materialistic wants. 
One would always enjoy these elements, which would bring peace of mind and make life more cheerful. Arora understands his audience. Readers would be glad to see someone take their experiences and view of the world seriously and talk about it. 
This is a book that demands to be read if you think happiness lies on the other side.
The book is priced at Rs 225. Readers can get their copy from,, ebay in,, and
(Reviewed by Anupriya Dutta and Poonam Chatterjee)