Spoken words rule the world says author Provin Kami in his book on public speaking


Spoken words rule the world says author Provin Kami in his book on public speaking
Self-help books are often looked upon as assets by readers. One such book is “Public Speaking” by Provin Kami, where the author talks about the benefits of good public speaking skills and how to master the skill.

Good communication skills and effective public speaking are vital requirements today for bagging a lucrative job. 

In such times, a good book on public speaking is surely a valuable addition on the book shelves, I would say. 
Public Speaking -- Spone Words Rule The World,  is a well-researched and informative book that delves deep into the psyche of the readers. 
Most people have a phobia of public speaking and the author understands this aspect very well. 
So he has directly addressed this fear and discusses the various issues related with this phobia. 
The best part is that this discussion that it has been done in a way that readers can easily relate to.
In schools and other educational institutions, emphasis has always been given on examination scores. 
A child who can score above ninety is hailed as the superior being. 
But when that child grows up and goes to attend a job interview he or she first needs to communicate with the interviewers and convince them about his or her worthiness. 
The mark-sheets are seen much later. 
The person may have scored a hundred in all his subjects but he may lack the self confidence needed to communicate effectively and that may get him rejected even before his mark-sheets are seen. 
In my opinion, it is the foremost responsibility of all schools and colleges to make the students effective communicators first. And books like this can help educators towards this goal. 
Kami understands the need of the hour and has come out with a very useful book.
This book explains with numerous examples how great speaking power has created history, how revolutions have been stirred by mere words. 
Words, as the author says, can change lives, and even nations. 
But it is important to know how to use simple words to that effect. 
The author explains that a flowery vocabulary is not what matters, but what matters is the confident body language, the emotions behind the entire speech.
In the first half of the book, the author has tried to convince the readers why it is important to inculcate the skill of public speaking. 
I think this portion of the book is the most important section because if the readers are not convinced about why this skill is necessary in today’s life, then there is no point in going through the rest of the book. 
The author has done a good job in explaining how powerful speeches have created historic men such as Swami Vivekananda and others. 
These examples can inspire readers to develop public speaking skills. 
In the cut-throat competition prevalent in today’s society, it is very important to have great communication skills in order to rise higher. 
The author has discussed the various techniques that need to be practised in order to master public speaking.
It is definitely a book that should be picked up for self-advancement.
(Reviewed by Priya Das)