Author Siddharth Roy weaves magic for the broken heart in The Special Fish
India Blooms News Service | 07 Jul 2017
Author Siddharth Roy weaves magic for the broken heart in The Special Fish
The concept of young love has been the topic of many fictional stories from time to time. But as time progressed, so did the way of portrayal of romance in books and movies.

Nowadays, we find relationships to be more casual and finding true love is as inconceivable as Hogwarts. 
Well, I guess a lot of people believe more in magic more than love. 
However, what makes ‘The Special Fish’ different from all the others out there is that it, somehow, makes us believe in the existence of true love with all of its imperfections. 
It is the story of two people who fell in love with each other only to be broken by circumstances and the burden of the past. 
But they decided that the love between them is too precious to let go. 
So, they relentlessly fought through every single hardship in their way and eventually found their way back to each other.
One of the most fascinating notions about this book is that it does not in any way sugarcoat its characters or the message it intends to deliver. 
The story revolves around the altering lives of Abhiraj and Adhira – two teenagers with their own dreams, struggling to find the meaning of love and life. 
Adhira, a girl with a big heart, has everything one could possibly want. However, the only thing she truly craves is true love. 
And she does find that in a boy who promises to love and cherish her in every possible way. 
Hopelessly in love, young and naïve Adhira couldn’t see the obvious betrayal in Shubham’s promises. And she faced what was inevitable – a cruel heartbreak and her trust shattered in pieces.
On the other hand, Abhi, a small town boy, is someone with big ambitions and a logical mind. He plans on fulfilling all his dreams but is also reasonable enough not to be blindsided by them. 
Despite his dreams and aspirations of making it big in a big city, an encounter with Adhira makes him fall irrevocably in love with her. 
However, he finds himself at a loss when Adhira refuses to acknowledge his love for her and be with him for good.
What he didn’t know at that time was of the internal battle Adhira was fighting on her own. She knew that she felt something for Abhi but the demons of her past kept her from taking the leap of faith.
Although lost and confused from Adhira’s rejection, Abhi didn’t give up. His love for her and his fierce determination finally convinced Adhira that he was worth the risk.
Author Siddharth Roy does a wonderful job of telling a story that most of us can relate to. His lucid and languid way of writing makes the novel appealing to people of all ages. 
‘The Special Fish’ is a perfect example of a coming of age story, and a fresh approach, away from the typical love stories we get to read and watch these days. 
So, if you are bored of all the typical love stories and are looking for something new and original to read, this book should be your first choice.
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(Review by Nayee Banerjee)