Lost Lustre: A hunt for a stolen gem that will take you on an Alaskan cruise as well
IBNS | 14 Jul 2017
Lost Lustre: A hunt for a stolen gem that will take you on an Alaskan cruise as well
Everybody loves a good mystery. And any good mystery book is just incomplete without adventure. But the problem is finding a good book of mystery with an engaging adventure thrown in. So it was with some trepidation that I picked up the 'Lost Lustre' by Akanksha Chokshi.

But happily enough, I realised soon that I had stumbled upon the right book. ‘The Lost Lustre’ is a perfect combination of mystery and adventure, which will keep you up at night reading page after page. And that’s not only it; this book is not only a novel but also contains a poetry collection for you to feast on.
The story revolves around a robbery of a priceless jewel, and two siblings, with an uncanny fervor for solving mysteries, going on a quest to find the culprits. 
Sylvia and Albert stumble upon a mystery during their vacation on an Alaskan Cruise aboard the Aquamarine Pristine. 
Sylvia, who has a passion for solving mysteries from a tender age tells her eleven-year old brother, Albert, about her intuition of a mystery coming their way. 
Her doubts are soon proved correct when the the precious Aquagem, owned by the cruise liner, is stolen while it was being displayed on stage at the opening ceremony of the cruise. 
Much to Sylvia’s delight, Albert and she soon go on a venture to find how the Aquagem was actually stolen amid tight security. 
They prepare a list of the suspects and plans to question them. 
Jumping from one clue to another, they soon find out that the Aquagem was replaced with a fake one which lacked the beauty and the ‘lustre’ of the real one. 
It is soon revealed that an unknown man, named Mr. X, seemed to have bought a fake Aquamarine gem from a gift shop in the cruise. 
The man without a name made him a prime suspect in the eyes of Sylvia and Albert. They run to catch him only to discover a shocking truth. 
From there, they figure it out pretty soon that the culprit is someone whom they never even suspected in the first place.
Author Akanksha Chokshi weaves a perfect balance of mystery and adventure in this story. 
She begins with a beautiful and detailed description of the views of Alaskan towns and Vancouver. 
Sylvia and Albert’s journey of finding the culprits is an adventure in itself and you be almost be disappointed when the story ends, which is why there is an additional poetry collection present in the book right after the novel ends. 
So if you enjoy good poetry as much as a good mystery this book is the perfect fit for you.
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(Reviewed by Nayee Banerjee)