Self publishing is encouraging professionals from various fields to write books
IBNS | 26 Jul 2017
Self publishing is encouraging professionals from various fields to write books
With the growing rate of book readers day by day, book publishing has become a commercial area for writers and professionals to earn money and transfer knowledge. Self-publishing has widened the scope for new and established authors.

One of the key companies helping authors self publish is Power Publishers. It has given a platform to writers to publish their books and aim for the bestseller title.
The company has published some of the bestselling books written by doctors, IT professionals and army officers, which reveals that not only professional writers but also people from other professional backgrounds are getting an opportunity to write and publish books. 
Some of the well-known books from Power Publishers which have received the tag of a 'bestseller' are 'New Sense of Being a Doctor' by Dr S.G Murthy, 'The Transfer Protocol' by Saket Chottopadhyay, and 'Gita for Professionals' by Anil Bhalla.
Self publishing broadens the genre and the theme of writing too. Biographies and autobiographies often introduce readers to lesser-known people who have struggled a lot to ultimately gain success.  Even research work can be converted to a book through self publishing.
Some people write books because they love to write while others write to express their emotions, and some write books to earn.
While people from various professions, such as a doctor or an Army officer or an IT professional may aspire to write but they may not possess adequate writing skills or may not have enough time at their disposal outside their professional sphere.  
Power Publishers offers a range of services for the budding authors and writers, helping them to fulfill their dream of publishing their own book.
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(By Abhoy Talukdar)