The novel 'Destiny of Joy' will give you an insight into the life of an Indian solider
India Blooms News Service | 01 Sep 2017
The novel 'Destiny of Joy' will give you an insight into the life of an Indian solider
Life is directed and governed by our deeds or does fate pull us along a pre-determined path is what author Siddhart Majumder tries to find out in 'The Destiny of Joy'.

Emotions, action, drama, suspense, and love -- all in the right dose --make this novel an amazing read.

Joy’s journey in this story acquaint us with the life of an Indian soldier; we get to read about their lifestyle, their problems. 
The bravery, the modesty, the humanity of our soldiers has been depicted really well in this story. 
The novel makes us think about the constant dangers the soldiers put themselves into just to safeguard us and our country. Joy and his comrades become representatives of all those brave and noble souls who man our borders and protect our motherland. 
The hair-raising incidents that have been mentioned in this book lend a different level of pathos to the entire story.
And of course, then there is the enigmatic and trusted coach, Ritwick Roy. 
The student-teacher equation here is a master stroke, I must say. I was stunned when I came to that one particular point in the book. Well, I shouldn’t give a spoiler here in the review. It is for the readers to find out what I am talking about.
The twists and turns come at all the right points of the story making it a gripping tale from start to finish. 
And what lends the magic touch are the characters. The staunch father, the supportive mother, the inimitable coach, the loving and caring girlfriend, the supportive colleagues—Joy’s life is a kaleidoscope and so is the novel.
There aren’t that many novels written about the army life and that is one point where this novel scores over many others. 
The theme becomes the USP of this book and it is sure to find many takers as the word spreads around.
The book is now available at Flipkart, Amazon, Infibeam, Ebay,
(Reviewed by Priya Das)