A Calcutta Publisher's Daughter re-lives the days of Signet Press
To me, Signet Press was another milestone in the history of Indian publishing, Bengali to be more precise, a house that revolutionised publishing in pre-Independent India.
A Tribute to My Father's Struggle for Life: A moving father-son story
Kolkata, Jun 12 (IBNS): “A Tribute to My Father’s Struggle For Life” by Harish Gore is, as the name suggests, about a son writing about his departed father. The book is published by Power Publishers.
Kolkata, Jun 9 (IBNS): Moral Stories Based On Vedic Maths! I could hardly wrap my head around the concept that there’s any connection between stories and mathematical problems.
Kolkata, Jun 6 (IBNS): 'River of Time' is not merely a collection of poems by social activist Jeeja Ghosh but an expression of her life's journey, sometimes her personal feelings, sometimes about people and incidents encountered over the years.
Kolkata, June 5 (IBNS): Unveiling his new novel, 'The Boy Who Loved', in Kolkata recently, young novelist Durjoy Datta said that he does not write books thinking that he would have to sell them.
Kolkata, Jun 1 (IBNS): If you are struggling to find that elusive key to happiness, may be you should take a look at new author Bhanu Arora's book tittle '10 Essentials to the Blueprint of Happiness'.