Power Publishers distributes audiobooks through Audible and other audiobook apps worldwide
Kolkata: Power Publishers, a leading producer of Indian language audiobooks recently tied up with Amazon Audible and other major audiobook apps to distribute their productions, covering a wide range of topics, including educational books, worldwide.
Author interview: Dr.Subramonian on his book with the world's longest title
Dr.Subramonian talks about his record breaking achievements and why he chose to write a biography of actor Daniel Radcliffe of Harry Potter fame
Priyank Talesara pens a fictional narrative to spread the message of message and fellow feeling in his book ‘The Return of the Lost Civilizations: The forgotten Agreement’.
Kolkata: Dr. Subromonian is on a world record breaking attempt once again, after his several world and national records.
Priyank Talesara’s 'The Return of the Lost Civilizations: The Forgotten Agreement' opens on a curious note, which will keep the readers in doubt for some time.
Kolkata: Pandit Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar (1820-1891) was one of the legendary figures of the 19th century Bengal renaissance, revered as an academician, litterateur, social reformer, humanitarian and philanthropist who endeavoured to ensure the well-being of those oppressed in every possible way—particularly women, the impoverished and the illiterate.