Way to the Golden Sun: About youth power and dreams
“Way To The Golden Sun”, a recently released novel by Nayantee Baroowa, is a story that speaks about the power of youth and the power of dreams.
Albert Camus' drama Caligula in translation
Caligula is a drama originally written by Albert Camus in the French language in 1944. In 2017, we get a Bengali translation titled, “Roman Somrat Caligula” by Kamalesh Bandopadhyay.
Mandakini Bansal in her novel “Struggled Till Last” claims that this story is based on real-life events that her mother had faced.
Dipeeta Das Mukherji, whose first book 'From Wonderland to Reality' has just hit the shelves, talks about her life, her writing and her dreams in this candid interview.
The “Guide to Advanced Ayurvedic Practice Techniques in 21st Century” by Dr Pawan Kumar Sharma is a highly informative book that provides guidelines to ayurvedic medical practitioners as well as to those who are interested in knowing about the subject.
Kolkata, Sep 26 (IBNS): Who doesn't love to read books written by celebrities. But are these book really written by them? After all, celebrities are busy. And not all are good writers too. The answer is ghost writing.