Musings in the Mist: A story about growing up
“Musings in the Mist” by Shona George is a one of a kind book. It’s a story of growing up. It’s a story of bravery. It’s a story of loving your country. It’s a story of thinking beyond the self. It’s a story of unity. It’s a story which, simply put, touches the heart and stays there.
Anurag Garg comes up with another thought-provoking tale in Love Will Find A Way
Kolkata, Sep 19 (IBNS): Starmark, in association with Penguin hosted the launch of Anurag Garg’s book 'Love Will Find A Way', at Kolkata's Quest Mall bookstore, recently.
'TET Made Easy' by Dipankar Pal is a handy guide for young teachers. And this particular book is not only going to help the aspirants in the preparation for the Teacher Eligibility Test but it will also be of use for young parents in general.
“Wow!” is the first word that popped into my head the moment I finished reading “An Unimaginable Love!!” by Anchal Srivastava.
“Agent Perculo, Volume 1” by Awart Katiyar is a spy thriller to hit the shelves this year. Thrills, suspense, romance, emotional drama, nail-biting tension, twists and turns—this new book has it all in the right doses.
Power Publishers’ newest release 'Juraite Chai Kothay Jurai' is a Bengali language novel by author Ramendranath Biswas that narrates the poignant tale of Binodini, a young woman who faces adversities early in her life and finds herself getting pulled in the quicksand of prostitution during the era of “babus” and “zamindars” of Bengal.