Book Review: 'Life of Indra Pratap Tewari - An Autobiography of a Principal Information Officer (PIO) to the Government of India’
Life becomes meaningful, interesting and successful when an individual overcomes every hurdle to serve the people of the nation.
Book Review: The Story of Dots by Zarin Ali
We all have heard of that phrase, ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed.’ Whenever there is trouble in life we always seek a friend who will listen to our problems.
Thoughts that she cannot keep to herself yet cannot share with others inspire her to write, says the author.
Instead of pursuing happiness, look inwards and see what needs to be changed within oneself, and happiness will follow, says author Venkatesh N Chakravarty
In the book “Find Your Real Self And Happiness Will Find You”, the author Venkatesh N. Chakravarty becomes the torchbearer for us and helps us find happiness within ourselves.
Kolkata: Kolkata’s leading bookstore chain Starmark, in association with Catalyst launched Rajib Chakraborty’s Hariye Gele Janio a set of five beautifully designed cards— a Valentine’s Day special.