Debut author Piyaah Nandi talks about her book on fairy tales
Power Publishers has recently released Grandma's Bucket Full of Magic by author Piyaah Nandi. A Clinical Psychologist by profession, she brings to life some of the forgotten tales of Bengal in her book.
Round the World on Twenty Five Rupees
Ambitions are what shape us and differentiate us from the crowd. For some, it may be all about clearing the toughest exam in the world while for a few it might be taking a cycle trip around the world with means that would not even suffice for a day!
An unconventional love story, that asks, ‘’What happens when we die ?’’ The answer is simple -- we must repay our debts to help seven souls cross over. Only then we can rest.
When remembering houses that impressed us deeply as children, that may have made us wonder whether we weren’t born in the wrong century, we can’t help and wonder, is it still there?
In India arranged marriage has ruled in spite of today’s youth enthusiastically celebrating the Valentine’s Day.
'Chasing Smugglers' written by Manmohan Sethi, an IRS officer, is a book detailing several cases that he handled during his career.