Five IBPS PO Qualified Bankers Retell their Success Stories - Must Read
IBNS | 02 Oct 2017
Five IBPS PO Qualified Bankers Retell their Success Stories - Must Read
Celebrating success is important but it is more important to learn lessons from failure. Success can’t be achieved overnight, rather it is a result of sheer hard work and dedication. Every year, lakhs of bank PO aspirants appear for multiple exams but there only a few who are determined enough to clear them. You don’t have to be a genius to surpass anything. All you need to do is, put in the right efforts in the right direction.

IBPS provides its services to all public sector banks, SBI, Associate banks of SBI, NABARD, many PSUs, government departments, state-owned companies and corporations. IBPS PO exam which is highly competitive is a 3-tier exam comprising written test namely Prelims and Mains followed by a round of Personal Interview.

Candidates are showing keen interest in banking, insurance and financial sectors and this is quite evident from the increasing number of candidates registering for IBPS PO exam each year. Numerous candidates qualify the exam every year, securing a job. Some of them share their success stories with us, a glimpse of which has been shared below.

1. Anurag Gupta, IBPS PO

“Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise” is what Anurag Gupta believes in. Graduate as an Electrical Engineer, Anurag Gupta leaves no stone unturned in making through one of the toughest banking exams after 7 failed attempts. It was in 2015 when he finally tasted success.
Anurag suggests that reading newspaper on a daily basis is quite beneficial when preparing for banking exams. One should go through the business section thoroughly for GA. He tells,an optimum amount of study, giving preference to all the subjects helped him to crack the exam. One should not bother much about Prelims exam since it is a qualifying exam rather their focus should be on Mains exam. All kind of preparation materials on each subject are available online. PDF for the same is also available and it can be downloaded. Practicing online is very essential since it helps one a lot to be familiar with the actual online exams.
The best tip to crack the interview round is to be yourself. Anurag suggests all the banking aspirants to dream big, work hard and make a proper strategy for the exam. At the same time, know your weaknesses and focus on your strengths.

2. Bhuvanmohini Devi, IBPS PO

Success Story of Bhuvanmohini Devi will clarify all your doubts and surely inspire you to move forward towards your dream because she believes that “Dreams don’t work, unless you do”.

After completing her Master of Technology in Food Technology, Bank PO had always been her preference. Banking, according to her is one of the most prestigious and promising sectors today and IBPS is one of the best recruitment bodies with a fast, transparent, organized and reliable recruitment process.

Initially, she was a bit casual in preparing for bank exams after which she started practicing mock papers in any magazine. Alongside, she also worked on her time management tactics.

According to her, the primary strategy for any competitive exam is going through the paper pattern, examining the toughness level, the marks that are required to be scored to make it into the final list, and then planning how to score it in the easiest way.  She read a lot of articles on the web to hone her English skills. test series, google for topics like capital, currency, headquarters etc. GK from Arihant publishers, banking books, and magazines from BSC publishers are the preparation materials she would suggest to the aspirants.

Bhuvanmohini Devi ensures that more than hard work, it’s the smart work which actually pays in competitive exams.

3. Garima Dwivedi, IBPS PO

Garima Dwivedi is a 2012 graduate in science stream. After completing her graduation, she was very much fascinated by banking Industry because there was a boom of banking that time so decided to give the exams. She has given about 15 exams and 5 interviews in banking till now and could make through the IBPS PO exam finally in 2016 with her hard work and perseverance.

Garima suggests to all the aspiring banking professionals that time and tide wait for none. Patience is the next thing you need in competition. Learn as many things as you can. Make targets and change them according to your convenience.

4. Deepak Kumar Pradhan, IBPS PO

Clearing IBPS PO exam was a maze run for Deepak after he completed his graduation in Engineering. When preparing for the exam, he had created his strategies for each of the sections. Since IBPS and other related examinations are primarily based on time management, he focused on his strengths and thoroughly practiced particular categories of questions which were repeated regularly in the previous exams. In addition to that, he read a lot & accumulated knowledge in current affairs and banking related topics.

He believes that one needs to find his/her own method to solve any problems. He followed some simplified guidelines to solve problems and tried to learn tricks and shortcuts wherever possible. His mantra is to always believe in oneself and follow different principles of preparation for each section.

5. Raghevandra BK, IBPS PO

For Raghevandra BK, growth offered and job security are the major attractions in banking field.  He believes that one should be more bothered of his/her performance rather than worrying about the competition. If you worry about the competition you will not be able to concentrate on your performance.
His first step was getting familiar with the exam pattern. He started figuring out the sections asked in the exam and the type of questions. One must attempt a lot of mock tests which are actually helpful in analyzing one’s performance and work hard on the weaker sections.

According to Raghevandra BK, each examination you appear is similar to opening a bank account. More are the investments, more are the benefits gained is the conventional idea everywhere. But he advises the candidates to keep an eye on the exam pattern which changes quite often and focus on ‘smart preparation’.

These success stories are highly inspiring and motivating for all the aspirants preparing for bank exams to pass with flying colours.