Uzbekistan President address Parliament, delivers road map for development
IBNS | 03 Jan 2018
Uzbekistan President address Parliament, delivers road map for development
Tashkent, Jan 3 (IBNS): President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev in his historical address to the Oliy Majlis (Parliament) of the country has highlighted the most critical and pressing issues of political, economic and democratic development of the nation as well as the priorities of Tashkent’s foreign policy.

The event was attended by members of the Senate and deputies of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis, members of the Cabinet of Ministers, ministries and departments, representatives of diplomatic corps and international organizations accredited in Tashkent. 
The address reflected the results of the main activities carried out in 2017, as well as the priority areas of social and economic development of Uzbekistan in 2018. 
The address served as a comprehensive annual report of the outcome of the work of the Government of Uzbekistan for 2017 and also a “road-map” on further development of the country. 
President Mirziyoyev stressed ensuring good governance and the rule of law among the foremost priorities of his policy. 
For the past year the cornerstone of the Government’s activities has become the principle “Not the people serve government bodies, but the government bodies should serve the people”. 
Remarkably, the People’s Receptions and the Online Receptions of the President of Uzbekistan, which were in function for more than a year, have transformed into a unique democratic institution for dealing with citizens’ appeals.
Stating his firm commitment to further deepening democratic reforms in the country Shavkat Mirziyoyev highlighted the importance of strengthening the role of the parliament that it plays in state governance.
 He said that the parliament of the country should become a true school of democracy, an initiator and decisive force in implementing reforms.
He stated the necessity of forming a professional, mobile and result-oriented system of public service, as well as developing an effective system that opens the way for initiative, open-minded and highly patriotic people.
Another important task, according to the President, abandoning the excessive centralization of state administration and transfer many powers of central bodies to territorial state entities. While giving wide power to local authorities the President also deems it necessary to increase their responsibility for bearing real results in their performances.
As another important direction President Mirziyoyev stressed increasing the role of the civil society in furthering democratic reforms and ensuring the protection of human rights and freedoms. As it was stated currently there are more than 9,000 NGOs in Uzbekistan, and 29 international and foreign non-governmental organizations have presence in the country.
President also highlighted the priorities for ensuring the rule of law and further reform of the judicial and legal system.
“This year, large-scale work has begun to ensure the true independence of the judiciary. In particular, in order to further improve the structure of the courts and the system of selection and appointment of judges, the Supreme Judicial Council was created," said he.
“It is necessary to reform the civil service institutions, introduce effective mechanisms to combat corruption”, the President stressed. 
He further stated that Uzbekistan would consistently continue to work on the introduction of the "Habeas Corpus" institute and strengthen judicial control during the investigation.
In the context of court-judicial reform Uzbekistan will establish a special Commission under the Oliy Majlis aimed at supporting the independence of judiciary. 
The Uzbek Government is also going to adopt and implement the Concept of improvement of criminal and criminal-procedural legislation in 2018-2021. It was announced that the Government will establish the Academy of Justice, which will train judges. 
The President of Uzbekistan suggested declaring the 2018 in Uzbekistan as “Year of supporting active entrepreneurship, innovative ideas and technologies”. The proposal was fully supported by the parliament. 
“When we say "active entrepreneurs", we understand business people capable of producing competitive products, most importantly - creating new jobs that benefit not only themselves and their family, but the whole society,” Shavkat Mirziyoyev said. 
He added that first priority should be to provide all-round support to entrepreneurs, in particular, to create favorable conditions for the import and introduction of high-tech products and the latest scientific achievements in production. Various taxes on all categories of businesses will be reduced and simplified. 
The President said that comprehensive measures would be taken to remove barriers and obstacles to the dynamic and stable development of business entities. He also announced that business entities will be exempt from inspection for two years. 
Touching upon the economic policy issues Mirziyoyev emphasized the need for revising the country’s budget system, ensuring the budget revenues and expenditures are open and transparent to the people of Uzbekistan. 
According the President “One of our most important tasks in the development of the economy is to mobilize the population’s funds as investments, strengthen the sense of entrepreneurship in people."
President Mirziyoyev said that it was important the formation of an innovative program, the training of new generation staff, effectively using innovations and investments, supporting the development of the class of owners. 
“To do this, we need a thoroughly thought-out program of technological development of Uzbekistan and modernization of the domestic market," said he.
The President also underlined the importance of innovation for the economic development. “Today we are moving to the path of innovative development aimed at radical improvement of all spheres of life of the state and society. And this is natural. After all, who is winning in this rapidly developing world? Only a state that relies on a new thought, a new idea, an innovation,” Mirziyoyev stressed.