How you can benefit with an ACCA qualification
IBNS | 01 Mar 2018
How you can benefit with an ACCA qualification
As soon as one qualifies the ACCA, he/she becomes a member of an elite group of world’s leading accounting professionals. This is the very first benefit of an ACCA qualification and a very big one too. The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is internationally recognized in 181 countries and has 200,000 members and 486,000 students. That’s a very large talent pool that you are instantly connected with as soon as you become ACCA qualified. Being part of this extremely large network also means you will have access to the best and latest opportunities anywhere in the world.

Being a globally recognized qualification, ACCA makes you truly global in appeal. It opens up avenues across the world and across different industries. Thus, one can travel the world and be a globe-trotter. This opens up the chance of not just being in new countries while working as an accounts/finance professional but also allows you to learn and know new cultures, cuisines, histories and be more aware of how the world is. The opportunity for self-development through travel and mixing with new cultures and peoples is a vast one and can be instrumental in widening your horizons.


Knowing about new cultures is not the only opportunity one gets as an ACCA professional. The biggest learning opportunity is that of learning at least one new potential language. Learning one or more new language definitely has a lot to do with your capacity and capability of picking up the nuances of a new language. Having an extra language on your resume, however, makes you that much more appealing to prospective employers.


ACCA is recognized by more than 8,500 employers across the world and held in high esteem by them. This is because the ACCA course curriculum is developed to match international accounting standards. This instantly adds the distinction of having knowledge of and being conversant in the rules, laws and policies of one’s country as well as the international standards; hence, making a candidate that much more valued by the organization. This is because not only does a candidate with an ACCA qualification display the passion and the drive but also the experience and technical expertise.


With a qualification like this which has global recognition and appeal, the windows and doors for one’s future career progress are wide open. It is a commonly agreed norm among employers that a person who wishes to climb the ladder of success in finance and reach the highest ranks requires to have a professional qualification. ACCA gives you that edge and opens up that path for you. Obviously, whether you reach the top or not will depend on your talent and hard work but your qualification will always aid you in the process. Recruiters look for the qualification and experience of the candidate as well as how quickly one completed the the qualification. Hence, the amount of time one takes in completing the qualification also becomes a determining factor in whether one lands the job. This is especially true of the more mature economies.


ACCA offers you the flexibility in learning. Apart from having the opportunity of completing it fast by attending regular, full time classes with an Approved Learning Provider, you can also decide your own schedule and learn through the online courses offered by ACCA. The options one has range from learning full time, part time, in class or online. That’s a vast degree of flexibility for getting a globally recognized professional qualification. The degree of flexibility is further enhanced as one can learn different parts of the course in different ways. So for example, one can complete a particular module online but for another module he/she can attend a face-to-face class if he/she thinks that will be a better learning experience for that module. This is extremely beneficial for those who are already working accounting professionals and are looking for that extra qualification to put their career growth in top gear.


ACCA ensures that it provides a complete package to the employers. How does it do that? In order to complete the ACCA qualification, one requires a minimum of 3 years of experience. Though it sounds terrifying to a young aspirant, it is beneficial for career growth. For those who have already been working as accounting professionals, this may not be a hassle. However, for young college graduates, doing ACCA and a job simultaneously can solve the problem. One can study part time as one completes the requirement for practical experience through a job. In fact, there are employers who sponsor interested candidates and even provide leave for study and exams for such prestigious qualifications. Thus, a candidate has nothing to lose or be afraid of if he/she has the passion.


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