8 Social Media Tactics That Can Increase Conversion Rates
India BloomsNews Service | 01 Mar 2018
8 Social Media Tactics That Can Increase Conversion Rates
Social media is an important part of one’s marketing mix in the current scenario. Almost all businesses need to have a social media strategy that helps increase their sales. However, social media is a dynamic cosmos and one needs to keep in step with it. The right strategy is as important as the right social media channel.

Moreover, a tactic that may have delivered very good results in the past may not be the best for every campaign. Hence, it is important to carefully determine what strategy will work with what campaign and/or product. Below are a few tactics that are sureshot ways of helping increase conversion rates:


1. Videos make a difference: Videos are one of the most shared and most viewed forms of content on social media. The engagement of a video makes the content worth sharing. This is why almost 82% of users on Twitter watch videos while almost 100 million hours of videos are consumed on Facebook every single day. This makes video not just a popular content format but also one that can drive conversions. What must be taken care of is where the video is being posted as the channel matters equally.


2. Get the right message out: The right content is key to getting conversions. The universe of social media is dynamic. A wrong message can spread like wildfire and tarnish the image of your brand. Hence, the content must be crafted in measured words and the intended message must only be sent. Misinterpretation can be a huge mess to handle and hence, it’s always better to prevent such mishaps.


3. Time is key: The time when a post gets published is as important as what gets published. The time may include the time of the day as well as the day of the week. It is important to find out the peak time at which your audience views content to get maximum click-throughs. At times, it is important to repost the content at a strategic time if there is huge amount of international audience for your content.


4. Use attractive share buttons: Once you’ve got the correct and shareable content, do not think that it will be shared like popcorn. Do not make your audience sweat too much for finding out how to share your content. They probably don’t have the time. Make it easy. Provide inline or sticky share buttons for your audience to share your content.


5. Get involved with other forums: One of the best ways to build credibility for your content is by building credibility and genuineness around yourself. Engaging with other blogs and popular forums similar to yours and adding valuable tips in comments increases your visibility, credibility and genuineness and brings more views to your own blog or content.


6. Add emotion to the headline: At the risk of sounding click-bait, emotional headlines are what get most click-throughs. Anything that tugs at your audience’s emotion will get them in. It is what is inside which will determine whether they stay and share your content or get you sales. Psychological pull increases the conversion rates.


7. Get more content out: The number of relevant posts can be increased to get a higher conversion rate.  This can be done by splitting the content into parts, creating different content formats or writing posts about related topics.  This is important as not everyone reads all your posts and getting more content out there, increases your visibility.


8. Using social media as a support channel: This one is about generating goodwill while showing the will to do good. There is a 250% increase in the number of customer care interactions on Twitter. This means more people are now engaging with brands directly. This is great. Get back to your customer’s question online and at short notice and generate goodwill for your brand. This will in turn increase conversions for your brand.


The above are a few ways to improve the conversion rates for your brand, product or content. Do feel free to use any or all the tips provided above.


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