7 Important Things to Keep in Mind While You Appear for WBJEE 2018
IBNS | 12 Apr 2018
7 Important Things to Keep in Mind While You Appear for WBJEE 2018
West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination is scheduled to be conducted on April 22, 2018. It is a centralized test controlled by West Bengal state government. The West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination Board conducts this examination across many centers in the state, allowing students to gain admission in various graduate level architecture, medical and engineering courses offered by both private as well as government colleges in the state of West Bengal.

Just like any other entrance examination, WBJEE too is not an easy nut to crack and requires tedious hours of studying, intensive hard work before the examination and smart work during the exam.

Above 80% accuracy and attempting 110-115 questions will help you reach the score that will be well above the general cut-off for the paper. While one can certainly enhance their preparation through study material, practice and coaching, what is important is what happens on the actual day of the examination. This article talks about the 7 important things that you must keep in mind while you appear for WBJEE 2018.


  1. Don’t lose your calm

Stay calm and confident on the day of the exam. You need to have faith in yourself and that will change your situation on that day. Repeat to yourself, that you are positive and you will be able to crack the test. Do not increase your nervousness by worrying too much. Be sure of your preparation and attempt the exam with full confidence.

  1. Do not forget admit card

Reach the examination center at least before half an hour of the examination. Take time to familiarize yourself with the location as well as the examination hall. Make sure that you have enough time for all the formalities that will need to be completed before you start writing the test. Do not forget to carry your WBJEE 2018 admit card along with other required documents. Entry to the examination hall is not allowed without your admit card. Carry your own stationary that would be needed during the exam so that you will not have to borrow anything from someone else inside the hall which can be considered as cheating.

  1. Time management

Keep an eye on the time, as time management is the most important factor in entrance examinations. Carry your own watch as it could be a possible risk, that there would not be a wall clock inside the hall. Do not rely on anyone for this information and make sure you keep some time aside to revise your answers. Decide on how much time you want to dedicate to each question.

  1. Focus on your strengths

Attempt those questions first which do not have negative marking. There will be some theoretical and fact-based questions in the paper which do not take up a lot of time as compared to those which require calculation. Go for these questions first and then go for those which take time as they involve calculation. This is important, in order to retain your positive energy throughout the test as theoretical questions will build your confidence. If you go for the difficult questions first and are unable to solve these, it might demotivate you and will also bring down your energy.

  1. Go through the guidelines and instructions

Read the instructions on the question paper carefully before attempting the questions. There are some important points mentioned there. Read every instruction carefully and make sure that none of these are violated throughout the entire time you are present in the hall.

  1. Be ready for the worst

Be prepared for doubts and uncertainties. You might come across questions and topics which you would not be sure about. There could be some questions or instructions which will raise doubts in your mind. It is better to be prepared ahead for such uncertainties instead of facing surprises on the exam day.

  1. Do not panic

Do not panic if you find the paper tough. You should prepare your maximum and be ready for all types of questions which could be possibly asked in the examination. You should trying solving maximum questions and mark those answers which you are completely confident about. If you find the paper difficult, it must mean that the paper is tough for everyone else too. Give your best and maintain accuracy.

Good luck with your exam!