Austria: Finding romance in Vienna
Trans World Features | @twfindia | 24 Feb 2021
Austria: Finding romance in Vienna
Vienna: There's something very artistic about Vienna, the world's most liveable city. The air is heavy with music and the cobblestoned paths paved with stories of love and longing.

Tourists are welcomed to virtually walk the streets of Vienna to see again the allés in Schönbrunn, the blue light in the dormitory at the academy, the great white stairwell with the baroque statue.

Morning ridings in the Prater. The mildew in the riding school. On the day of love, visit Vienna from the comfort of your home.


Walks & Waltz:

Winding lanes, arcade-lined courtyards, time-honoured palaces. Love lives in Vienna's city centre. Stroll along the oldest quarters of the city on the Danube where the narrow lanes are paved with cobblestones as they were centuries ago; hark back to the past in Schönlaterngasse or Domgasse. Find tenderness while walking through Spittelberg, a quarter in the 7th district with beautifully preserved houses. If you suddenly find a spring in your gait, waltz - a dance that became fashionable in Vienna around the 1780s. Waltzing romantics will feel right at home at one of the Viennese numerous balls and dance evenings on a (private) waltz dancing course.



Ride through palaces & parks in a horse-drawn carriage:

Vienna is particularly romantic in the spring and no romance in the city is ever complete without a ride in a Fiaker (horse-drawn carriage). Cosy up on the back seat as the horses trot through palaces, mansions, parks, architectural gems and lavish neighbourhoods. The chestnut trees blossom in the Prater, 400 types of rose bloom in the Volksgarten, and the fragrance of lilac pervades the city's many other parks.

Boat ride, picnic, coffee, and dinner in Vienna's Giant Ferris Wheel: When travel between India and Austria resumes, tourists can select a full moon night, book a boat ride on the Danube, hold a glass of Prosecco between the fingers and let the swish of the oars sing a love ballad. Or, slip into your linen and peasant dress, order a picnic hamper and seek out a romantic spot for an unforgettable day out.

If you want to go high on love, wear your fineries for a candlelight dinner in Vienna's Giant Ferris Wheel. And if in Vienna you want to do what the Viennese do, share a piece of cake with your loved one in a traditional Vienna coffeehouse. Traditional cafés such as the Sacher, Museum and Sperl entice with a wide variety of coffee drinks, international newspapers and pastry creations.

Alte Donau (, Giant Ferris Wheel (


Gustav Klimt's 'The Kiss':

Critics tag Gustav Klimt's The Kiss as one of the world's best paintings, onlookers gape at the golden rain in the 72x72 inch painting. For lovers, Klimt's masterpiece that hangs at the Belvedere is the most splendid depiction of love. A man in masculine blocks kissing a female dressed in floral motifs and upward flowing vines. A moment of such intense sensual pleasure that was never painted before. So erotic is The Kiss that the post-Victorian society of the 1900s considered it pornography even though both figures are not naked. The Kiss is every lover's essential visual lesson.


Displayed at Belvedere (

Quirks of Viennese Cuisine

On the day of love, do not lay the usual on the table. Get quirky with the quirks of Viennese cuisine


• Deep-fried mice: No one holds a mouse by its tail and fries it in hot oil. Gebackene Mause is a dessert made of yeast dough and served with vanilla custard. The name is not a misnomer, it does look like mouse.

• Singed dog: Don't worry. No one eats dog in Vienna. Einbrennte Hund is a potato dish that is an ancient staple during Lent fasting.



•  Topsy-turvy Newman: A certain Mr Newman wanted to drink his coffee upside down. Hence, the invention of Uberstuzter Neumann in which double espresso is poured over whipped cream. Not the usual cream over espresso.

• Viennese laundry girls: Think of stoned apricots filled with marzipan, dipped in batter and then deep-fried. You do not get the connection but in the 19th century, Viennese laundry girls were fun-loving and cheeky. That is what Wiener Waschermadel is supposed to be.


• Canary milk: No, canary, the bird, does not lactate. But Kanarien Milch, a dessert, gets the colour of a canary from the egg yolks thrown into it. Hence, the name.


Virtual Vienna: Sit in the comfort of your home and discover the delights of Vienna virtually. Click through the top 100 objects of the Naturhistorisches Museum Vienna, be impressed by the paintings of Egon Schiele in the Leopold Museum, stroll through Vienna State Opera and peek into the Imperial Treasury.

Discover Vienna through ivie app: Want to discover Vienna? ivie will accompany you. The digital City Guide can tell you everything about Vienna - Insider tips, curious anecdotes and lots of stories.  Even essential information such as toilets, city bikes and drinking fountains.



Vienna Intl: Here's a digitallink to Vienna, Intl., the first edition of the 98-page illustrated magazine that covers everything about Vienna - Art & Culture, Fashion, Architecture and Design, Food & Drinks, and lots more.

 Digital Resources:


Vienna Intl.