From media to hospitality: a journey to remember for Sajan
Souryaprokas Bhaduri | 02 Apr 2018
From media to hospitality: a journey to remember for Sajan
It's amazing how life can take different turns at unexpected times. The unpredictability of it all and the will to chase one’s dreams, is what makes life so interesting and thrilling.

 When Sajan Abraham started plying his trade as a media professional 24 years ago, little did he know that one day, he would end up being an entrepreneur-providing homestay services in major cities like Bengaluru and Mumbai. Over the last 24 years of his work in almost all the sectors where he associated himself with the big names of the industries ranging from FMCG to airlines, media houses, hospitals and talent management, he stands now where his heart was set to be from the beginning of his journey-as the CEO of LeAd Homestay and EZD Apartments which are pioneers in providing service apartments in both these cities.
 ‎He also owns another company, Indian Raaste, which is the experiential wing of both EZD Apartments and LeAd Homestay providing travel experiences to its guests like no other tour company provides across the globe at a nominal cost.
As a kid, Sajan always dreamt of working in the television industry and also envisaged of having a travel company that would help people enjoy their value for money spent on a holiday. He also knew he had to join his family business at some point in time, therefore he decided against many lucrative job offers that came to him during his professional career, which he doesn’t regret. Speaking to India Blooms News Service on the eve of Easter, he recalled his journey and entry into this business.
 "The hospitality part was always there as a part of the family business. My aspiration to work in a television channel started when I was very young while I was working with an Ad production company of my friend Veena Bakshi. I always had three aspirations in my life-to work in a television industry, to work in the airlines and third one was these companies which I started-LeAd Homestay and Indian Raaste and I am happy I have achieved and accomplished all my dreams in this lifetime," he said.
 "As a media professional, I have worked with some of the best companies in India like The Hindujas, Raisoni Group, Ghodawat Group, Future Group, Seagram’s, Micromax, Manipal Education and House of Baccarose to name a few. Over the years, I also had an experience of working with international brands such as Kerry Packer - Channel 9 Australia, British midlands Airways Limited - United Kingdom, Victorinox - Switzerland, Bridgestone-Japan, and Panasonic-Japan.
As a professional in events and management I have handled the Ford India- South Africa cricket tour 2008, Seagram’s - Blenders Pride Fashion Shows, Sahara Sports Awards 2009, Queens Entertainment Rockfort 2010, my expertise working with Percept helped me to manage the Public Relations affairs of many renowned individuals like Pankaj Advani, Vijender Singh, Deepak Rao, Vir Das to name a few."
 ‎My last assignment in my professional life was to head a television and radio company in Iraq. That was back in 2012. After that I returned to India and joined the existing family business which started out 28 years ago by leasing out one single room in Mumbai," added Sajan.
 It was he who transformed this family business of renting and leasing to the model of service apartments with addition services, a concept, which is on the rise in today's fast-paced world.
 He said, "It started out all like this and gradually from one room we moved to leasing out an entire apartment. We had a couple of houses in Mumbai. One gentleman working in a UK-based law firm hired a place from us. But he did not stay there for an entire month. He would come and stay for 10-11 days and then go back.
So what I realised is that he is paying an 'x' amount but not utilising my house. He was basically using my room as a hotel. So we had a discussion where I said brought up the point that they were staying in my house for only 10-11 days and paying me monthly. So the remaining 20 days was going waste without my house being used?"
After having identified the problem, he found out a way where both sides would benefit.
He said, "So I suggested them that they pay me half the amount they would ideally pay to a hotel and stay in my house for the number of days they wanted to. This opportunity was mutually beneficial and he was happy with this. I saw a business opportunity in this as I could lease my house to someone else in those remaining days."
That was the beginning of entrepreneurial success for Sajan. Not only did his ventures become successful but they boast of providing services equivalent to those of five-star hotels, at half-the-price.
 "Everyone who comes to stay with us is happy with the amount we charge and the services provided. We are not a five-star hotel but we give five-star services. Everywhere people staying in hotels want services like Wi-Fi, air -conditioners, flat TVs, cars etc. We give them all at EZD apartments and LeAd Homestay," he added further.