Taste of America, Indian style
KFC, part of the Yum brand that also owns Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, is now a global brand which grew from a small chicken restaurant started by Colonel Harland Sanders more than70 years ago. As its popularity soars in India, it is evident that the urban class of the country are loving the American taste with an Oriental twist. Tala Habbal in USA and Toorssa Banerjee in India report
Love is the Drug
Opioid abuse (or painkiller drug addiction) is a persistent scourge in the United States and an emerging problem in India. Hannah Cornett in US city of Louisville and Anusua Banerjee in India’s Bangalore report on the worldwide challenge.
Can India benefit from Kentucky coal?
India has the sixth largest coal reserves in the world, but with a booming population and not enough coal mined within its own borders, it’s not enough. A potential relationship between India and Kentucky in USA promises mutual benefit though such a tie-up is uncertain . While the visit of Barack Obama evokes a lot of positivism, Ashley Scoby reports from Kentucky
Bollywood weekly round up
This weekend was all about screenings and new TV shows launch. Catch a glimpse of all the events in the week here.