Shackled to unhappy marriages or insipid sex life, many educated women in India are opting to explore new relationships with help of dating Apps. Ritusmita Biswas reports on the trend of women shedding inhibition and swiping right on Tinder, Bumble et al.
Should women, in this age, be forced to wear high heels, however uncomfortable it may be, citing ‘corporate culture? The jury is out following a protest campaign by women in Japan recently. What is the view in India with a high number of women working in the corporate sector today? Madhumita Mookerji probes
Kolkata-born Indian American astrophysicist Madhulika Guhathakurta has been fascinated by the stars from a young age. Presently working at NASA she leads many signature programmes, particularly researches on the sun. She speaks to SPAN magazine writer Natasa Milas about her passion
Age is no bar for Sucheta Jadhav who at 50 has done a trans-Atlantic crossing recently. Based in Goa where she has a day job that helps to pursue her passion, she has learnt sailing in the last two years. This is her own story, told first hand