Internet cosplays, webcamming on the rise
Sex has always been a part of the web, be it internet pornographic sites or sites providing users with voyeuristic opportunities. However, of late, users have moved on from being the conventional mute watcher for a more interactive role. Models too have benefited from this. Thus allowing webcamming and cosplays to flourish. Sudipto Maity reports
She is having a baby
Many women in America or other western countries are choosing out-of-hospital childbirth, much to the dismay of insurance companies. In less developed countries such as India, out-of-hospital births are usually not a choice but a necessity. But even in that country, some upper-class women are joining the natural birth trend. Elizabeth Cassidy, Sarah Wynn and Aninnya Sarkar report from USA and India. Multimedia by Rachel Thomas
The Internet has become a part of life for a huge section of Indian population. However, its use is largely confined to urban or semi-urban areas. The ‘Internet Saathi’ programme is different. It teaches rural women to use and benefit from the Internet, writes New York based Michael Gallant
Though the publishing industry is dominated by men, there is one leading publishing company in India run entirely by young women.
Twinkle Khanna, columnist and writer, and Akshay Kumar’s wife, is producing Padman, as a first venture of her new production house. It is based on the true story of Arunachalam Muruganantham, a man who has revolutionised the stigma teenage girls and women have to go through during the menstruation period. Shoma Chatterji reports on the celluloid versions of the man every woman adores
Aparna Sen’s new film Sonata, will be releasing any time now. It is adapted from an English play by noted Marathi playwright Mahesh Elkunchwar in 2000 whose plays and writings have been made into films. Sonata makes a strong point about female bonding between and among women where language, culture, education and region do not count. Shoma A. Chatterji gives a ring-side view into her work